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Asus EeePC 1005 HAB advice and review

By imthezorro
Jul 31, 2010
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  1. [​IMG]

    a review all the asus EEE PC network know this is that I just purchased $199 in the last two weeks I thought that you are one of the few review after using the not so a lot of things would and the machine that intel processor 1 .60 GHZ yours is currently 1GB ram it it also has a wireless and card insider multi-touch trackpad which is very nice to sleep the iPhonein the trackpad on the netbooks pro. you can resize they were paging and draging. it also most the full-size keyboard which allows that comfort feeling when you're a typing on the keyboard and you will see that backless screen is very nice it's not bad finish that was very nice computers.

    it is also got the six hour battery life was really good using one of this computer for diffrent things on my show that I was in a skype machine and currently is running Windows XP Pro service pack three and of the different functionalities and able to accomplish this computer . a few you looking for you is likely reduces of just under three pounds is a great little computer to be taking on trips an excellent way to go I actually have a navy blue what you can see obvious don't lack a certain way where I very rusty example a meeting blue-collar and to his very rigid details 1.3 megapixel camera ice grip copier and of now

    we're talk about the description or the specifications of ports that are on the EEE PC and blues either unfamiliar with netbooks there are some diffrent things that you may be not aware a minute to explain that right now. on the side of this the closest with your first second but he looked great here undecided we have a USB device following the Kensington lock employees be also over here we have been e.g. out in the power button or the uncertain power adapter over here we have the ethernet port were as well as two USB ports as well as a headphone output and microphone input also over here we have a SD card slot which I currently have the card reader so it is pretty well 3 cell dimensions of meters battery with stands on the clamshell feature and are one thing that whit this ee PCs in of the everyone boot with flash drive or flash memory card .

    I guess to get a high mb transfer rate for than use the devices you want to be booting off of war run many ways from that. You know this palm was no CD drive and so therefore your modem your OS what they said from device.ac disagreeable network I recommend anyone you see update that netbook now my only quarrel as if you going to put the ones wireless card inside your have to compile the wireless driver yourself,

    You can live interactive community chat room where you can ask your questions you can ask different things regarding products like this and computers and cell phones anything uses digital technology to the till next time

    and also asus ee pc 1005 hab netbook this link:
  2. hughva

    hughva TS Rookie Posts: 58

    I assume English is not your native language?
    Reviews are appreciated, but this might as well be in Greek. The punctuation, grammar and organizational errors render it useless.
    Have a native speaker review this and it may be very helpful.

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