Asus GTX 560 Ti problem!

By maazcheema
Nov 19, 2011
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  1. I encountered a strange problem with GTX 560 ti..the drivers begane refreshing while playing a game and there was a lot of stuttring..colors also changed and random artifacts appered..Sumtimes the screen would refresh..

    i didnt know waht to do so i reinstalled my windows 7 and installed the drivers but it didnt work..i had bought the GPU a month back..with nothing else to do i opened my case and took out my GPU, viewed it and then placed it back again making sure it was tightly fitted and cables fully connected. Miracalously, the GPU worked and all the stuttring and artifacts and refreshing was gone..

    I dont know what hapened but im still a bit nerveous..Is this a random incident r my GPU is getting faulty.. Should i replace it????

    P.S The temp and voltages were all normal..
  2. dividebyzero

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    When you say the drivers are "refreshing", you mean that the monitor goes blank for a few seconds and then you get notification that the Nvidia driver stopped working and was recovered (or similar wording) ?

    If so, then the causes are likely:
    1. Windows WDDM conflict with the Nvidia driver. Know colloquially as the "TDR bug"...which for some reason seems to affect GTX 560Ti's more than most other models (See the link in the story to Nvidia's forum)
    If this is the cause then you probably find that the card operates normally except for the time out/recovery. You can alleviate the problem in some instances and Nvidia have a driver due out in the next few weeks to combat the problem.

    2. Card failure. Unlikely if the card operates normally between incidents. Failure of the voltage regulation would cause also show the performance issues -noticeably lag, visual artifacts - as does the WDDM issue. The principle difference would probably be that just prior to the WDDM/TDR you would find that the screen would lock-up.

    3. Failing power supply. Same as for card failure, although any heavy graphics loading should induce the same driver recovery. Failing PSU's don't get better.

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