Asus K8S-MX motherboard no response when I plug in my GeForce 7300 GT Nvidia card

By Somahng
Sep 27, 2010
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  1. So last Friday my computers Hard drive died, i replaced it the same day. however, my Geforce 7300 gt graphics card was not working while reformatting the new drive. I later found out that i needed to unplug the Graphics card form my computer so i did so. I turned off my computer, unplugged the power cord form power system, changed the switch form - to O to make sure no more power was coming in, and made sure i was grounded unplugged the card form my computer. soon after the on board card started to respond and i was successfully able to format and install windows XP to my hard drive. After doing so i quickly installed all my drivers necessary for the my computer. However it has been a while and what i believe was my AGP diver was not needed this time around for the update. Which is weird because if i remember correctly a year ago when i had to reformat last i had to install the diver. Anyways I then wanted to start using my old graphics card again so i repeated the process above turning off the computer, making use all the power cords were off and unplugged and plugged my graphics card back in and into the appropriate AGP slot. It my monitor became unresponsive to the graphics card ( yes the connector to the graphics card is working fine and was plugged into the graphics card not the on broad one). So i had no other choice but to turn off my computer and take out the card again the same way i had done before hand. I started searching Google for answers came here with a few other post form people with similar problems and a few other sites. I came to the conclusion that my computer was having a problem with the two conflicting graphics device running at the same time and believed the answer was to turn off the on board graphics card in my bios settings. So without looking at the manual (bad move i know i know) i changed the settings from AGP/ Int VGA to AGP/PCI and plugged in my graphics card after turning it off and making sure the changes were saved to my bios. However, this did nothing but allow me to not be able to use my on board graphics card and make my monitor responsive to the AGP card (basically no changed occurred but i was unable to view the bios or anything else for that matter due to the change in settings). The next thing i did was look up the manual on an other computer and reset my mother board via it's jumpers. This was successful and i was able to see view the bios and windows once again. I went into the bios and I changed the values to the appropriate value that the manual instructed me to. This lead us to hear. I am not sure if the AGP slot on my mother board is damaged or lacking of fivers or if the battery in the mother board is dead. There evidence of any damage due to frying of any kind to the mother board or my graphics card.

    Other information:

    The motherboard is a ASUS K8S-MX Motherboard (stated in title)

    The bios settings i have to chose from if you wondering if its on the wrong setting are [Internal VGA], [AGP/ Int-VGA] (currently set to this), [AGP/PCI], [PCI,AGP], [PCI/Int-VGA].

    Graphics card is a: NVIDIA Geforce 7300 GT BFG

    Any other information just post what you need to know and i will try tracking it down for you.

    I would just like to know your guys options on what i should do to get this graphics card to work on my computer again. I mean it was working just fine on thursday the spet 24, 2010. So yeah.

    Thanks for all your time and thoughts. Remember no wrong answers until my computer explodes. :grinthumb
  2. Somahng

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    I see no one has any idea's yet. As an Update i have been looking through the Manual some more and have not found anything new. . .
  3. Ritwik7

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    You do not need to unplug the GPU when formatting your system. Keep the GPU plugged in and install the necessary drivers in the correct order after formatting (chipset, audio, video and DirectX).

    If you aren't getting any display during formatting with the card plugged in then either the card or the AGP slot is damaged. Ensure that you Primary Display Adapter in BIOS is set to AGP 4X/8X.

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