Asus preps Windows tablet for December, Android for March

By Matthew
Aug 13, 2010
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  1. The foretold tablet apocalypse has yet to fall upon us, but the touchscreen slates are coming. Asus promises. The company plans to launch its first tablet in December or January, which will be a 12-inch, $1,000 Windows Embedded Compact-based behemoth that ships with a docking station that transforms it into a laptop, according to CEO Jerry Shen.

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  2. I do not see a market for a $1000 device that is running Windows embedded when they are the convertible laptops/tables that run the same full OS in that price range -- and they are a niche product to begin with.

    As for the $399 tablet, maybe, but there is none of the "WOW" factor that Apple brings and the price makes it a little too close to the iPad offering. Going to be tough match...
  3. Well I am an iPad user who is always remote desktoping to my PC.

    I WANT THAT THING! Looks freaking awesome tbh and if I can get if for $500(aud) then I will definitely grab one.

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