Overclocking ASUS Probe says Chassis and Power fans aren't running, AIDA detects one fan

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Months and months ago my computer started having a problem with running graphic-intensive games such as FarCry and KotOR. I did everything I could and couldn't find out what was wrong. My computer would shut down and a message over the speakers would say I was overclocking it. I kind of passed it off for a bit, but today I installed ASUS Probe from the CD that came with my motherboard, and under Monitor Summary, both Power Fan and Chassis Fan were unchecked for monitoring. When I checked them, they have the message "____ Fan below threshold." When I checked the Fan Monitor, apparently only the CPU fan is working.


Now, I have a fairly new system, so I'm pretty sure there should be fans there. I had no problem with games when I first got it last december. It only started about April or May.

I have a Intel Pentium 4 (3.2GHz), with a ASUS P5AD2 Deluxe (Wireless Edition) motherboard. I have 1024 MB of RAM and a ATI Radeon X600 Pro graphics card.


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it is possible that your fans are not conencted with the motherboard. to acertain whether there is a cooling problem, check your cpu and gpu temps. also, this problem could be caused by a failing PSU.


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I had the same problem, so today, while I was checking out some other areas of my Asus mobo very up close and personally, with manual in hand, I decided to satisfy my curiosity as to why only one fan out of three was showing up in the software monitoring programs. What I found is essentially what zephead said at the beginning of his post: all the fans except the CPU fan were indeed connected to the power supply and were running properly. but they weren't connected to the specific spots on the mobo that are apparently responsible for getting them reported to/by the monitoring programs. The only one that was connected directly to the mobo was the CPU fan, and that's the only one that was showing up. Now I know why. The "chassis" and "power" mobo sockets were empty. It wasn't that the other two fans had stopped working; it's that they weren't plugged into where they needed to be in order to show up in the monitoring section. I guess as long as the CPU temp and chassis temp are WNL, it's good enough; even though I wish the company that built my machine had installed the fans onto the mobo itself.
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