Fans and lights all work, but there's no signal to the monitor or keyboard

So this is a relatively new system, only about 2 months old, everything was fine until the other night when it just wouldn't send out a signal at all, the PC looked to be working fine, all lights, fans etc, but nothing was showing up. I'm not very good and very new to knowing how to set up PC's and even newer to knowing how to fix them, so that's why I bought this custom PC from an Australian company PC Case gear, which is pretty trusted from my friends and they've all had great experiences.
Anyway, not that important to the issue haha, my computer's specs are;

-Intel i5 processor, 9th gen
-Asus prime B365M-A motherboard
-Corsair vengeance RGB pro 8gb (X2) ram
-And an xpg ssd

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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I also have a video of what's going on as well, sorry about my voice, I was very tired haha hopefully this can help too.


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Hi! This is pretty weird. You should check your HDMI cable with another if you have one. Also try checking your monitor with another PC if you have one. Check your RAM sticks and clean them and the slots, if they are dusty. And if you want step-by-step and detailed instructions, you should watch this video. It is most likely your RAM, and there are detailed instructions on how to clean them in this video.