AT&T announces limited data rollover plan for Mobile Share Value customers

By Shawn Knight ยท 7 replies
Jan 7, 2015
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  1. T-Mobile is once again having an impact on the rest of the wireless industry. After announcing its Data Stash program late month, AT&T is now following suit and will allow select customers to carry over unused data to the next...

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  2. wiyosaya

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    Perhaps things are trending toward the network providers actually admitting that they really do have the capacity to handle unlimited data plans and that their efforts so far were actually only aimed as siphoning more money out of their customer's wallets.
  3. yRaz

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    Well network congestion is a very real thing, but it's only really a problem in large cities and the few miles surrounding. They'd have no problems giving unlimited data to people in suburbs and small towns.
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  4. GeforcerFX

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    This has been rumored by AT&T people that I know for almost 2 years, seems T-Mobile just made them move on it faster. Was prob there trump card for the anticipated war with Verizon after spring and t-mobile are out of the picture.
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  5. Uncle Al

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    Well, this certainly isn't the first time AT&T has run this program, in fact the last time was just about 7 years ago and once they got back their market share, the program disappeared. I think if AT&T thought giving away stuffed farting hippo's would get them another 5% of market share you'd see them with every new cell phone ...... of course, then they would have to worry about Abby & Gibbs coming after them ...... hmmmmm, I got to send this idea out to California for the next episode!
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  6. USAvenger

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    For a company that is known as one of the market leaders, AT&T sure does follow a lot.
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  7. kissx

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  8. They also conveniently forget to mention that if you have a 10GB plan, and you go over your limit at 11:00pm on the very last night of your billing cycle, and they tack on an additional GIG at $15.00, that unused portion of the additional GIG does not get carried-over at all. So, basically, you just paid $15.00 for an additional GIG that expires on ONLY ONE HOUR.

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