AT&T, Google and Starbucks join wireless power standards group PMA

Shawn Knight

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AT&T, Google and Starbucks are the latest companies to announce they've joined the Power Matters Alliance (PMA). The PMA, founded by Powermat Technologies and Proctor & Gamble (the parent company of Duracell), is a standards group intent on creating wireless...

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Very cool! Can't wait until this comes to the UK. According to averages, I have another 60 years left to live - so maybe it will be here by then?


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LOL Dan. Now you know they wont be doing anything like that in the UK untill they are sure its going to work in general in the US. The US general consumer is rude, impolite, and generally clumsy with their own devices. They want to test it out "in the pit" first before the more civilized countries get it. I think they want to see how hard the American consumer is going to be on the new charge pads. Spilt coffee, dropped phones, ect. Hopefully this will actually be a trend in the world. Come in to a store drop off your phone for a quick charge, browse for a bit or buy something, then back on the road with a fully charged phone.


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Lets be honest, us UK citizens can't look down on the US. I live in Rotherham, which if you didn't know (I wouldn't blame you) is a town next to Sheffield, and it is full of people who really ought to take more care of their remaining brain cells.

They make Rotherham look less like 'the pit' you are talking about, and more like the Rancor Pit :')