AT&T: T-Mobile acquisition on track for March 2012 approval


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AT&T says it is still on track to have its acquisition of T-Mobile approved by March 2012. Resistance to the merger has been growing in recent weeks, but the company…

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They might not want to count their cash too quickly. I'm leaving T-Mobile over this as we speak and moving to another carrier. I'm betting once good ol Ma Bell gets hold of our contracts prices are going to go up. It will be subtle, but it will be there.


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It won't matter soon it will be big blue or big red and they will be doing the same nickle and dime poisoning of the market.


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my question is, who is regulating the regulators who hold the key to the merger. i am not saying that's what's happening, but it seems pretty stinking easy for those regulators to be bribed.


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howzz1854 said:
just pointing out the obvious
Between big business and the current government trend for a nanny state this does not bode well for the consumer or individual.


Given that the combined company would control over 99% of the GSM market, this means that the deal would result in a monopoly for GSM and duopoly for everything else. This is EXACTLY why anti-trust laws were created -- to prevent a single company controlling everything.

Wouldn't the combined company of AT&T and T Mobile be larger than ma bell when it was broken up? Just asking...