AT&T to enable HD Voice technology later this year

Shawn Knight

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AT&T will bring HD Voice technology to their network later this year as part of their voice over LTE strategy according to senior VP Kris Rinne. The news comes just after T-Mobile announced their upcoming iPhone 5 would support the...

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I just got LTE in Evansville Indiana recently and I don't know about you guys but I hardly ever talk on the phone and when I do the voice quality is just fine for me! So why waste more bandwidth on silly things like this. Just My OPINION!


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Voice sounds good enough for me whether its over 3G or even 2G. Seems like more of a marketing gimmick *CHECK IT OUT ALL NEW HD VOICE NOW PAY US EXTRA*. Besides, I think there was some research that pointed out voice over LTE uses more battery. Assuming that it does use more battery, I hope they'll have an option tucked away in a menu that lets you disable it.