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Ati Radeon 9700 pro problems

By johnblunt · 5 replies
Aug 28, 2004
  1. Ati Radeon 9700 pro. Need Help!!

    I recently formatted my harddrive and since ive been experiencing some problems.
    When playing CS these instances appear after a while of playing
    (they are sometimes red, blue or yellow too, and sometimes sticks around after exiting the game).
    I have the latest version of catalyst and I never had any problems before the formatting,
    havent touched anything in my computer either.

    My system is from dell:
    2.53GHz P4
    512MB RAM
    Ati Radeon 9700 pro 128MB

    Could someone please help me with this? Im going crazy here!
  2. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Is it a pure ATI vid card? (or a Sapphire, or other brand)
    Does it have the stock ATI HS and fan?
    Did you install the Motherboard AGP drivers? (Provide the MoBo version for further assistance)
    Could the card be overheating?
    Are you overclocking?
    What is your power supply?

  3. johnblunt

    johnblunt TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the reåly but i already sorted it out, got a new card from dell, special delivery to my doorstep...

    thanks anyway
  4. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    :wave: Hello and Welcome to TechSpot :wave:

    Glad to see everything worked out for you :)

    (And from the look of that picture it was purely a hardware fault, so nothing you could anything about)
  5. TTimmah

    TTimmah TS Rookie

    The AtI Radeon 9700 Pro cards were overclocked in order to compete with the Nvidia Gforce 4 ...in order to sell them to DELL, ATI had to make it look like a better card on paper....in doing so ( overclocking the card) ...it DOES run faster.....but just like driving your car with the tachometer pinned in the red.....although it goes like a SOB......you're not going to go very far....I have had the same exact problem ....in ANY game that actually Uses all the memory in the card..HOW TO FIX......I called Dell ...told them exactllly what i just told YOU .....made them CALL ATI and have ATI admit that the reason that they stopped production of the 9700 pro, was because it was overclocked, and had a tendancy to malfunction or burn up completely......it took the entire day to make it happen ...but Dell is sending me the X800 as a replacement...but when you call DELL....be NICE...tell them you KNOW it's NOT their fault....it's ATI's fault....although it took a while and a little tantrum at first...in the end Dell was very nice and DID help me. 1-800-624-9896 for dell support....be sure you have the whole day off..this is a slow process...but better than 500 dollars for a new card

    what did they send you Mate?
  6. PreservedSwine

    PreservedSwine TS Rookie Posts: 325

    ATI overclocked the R9700PRO to compete w/ the Geforce4???
    That's one of the stranger rumours I think I've ever heard. ...Since it was the FX5800 that was overclocked (remember the dustbuster and 6 month late release) to compete with the R9700PRO.

    The Geforce4Ti4600 (The fastest Geforce4) was eclipsed by R9700Pro, with the R9700 PRO outperforming the GEfprce4 by as much as 300% in high AA and high resolution instances.

    The reason for the R9700PRO running warm is because the shim that holds the gpu was machined too tall, keeping the heatsink, in some cases, from actually touching the gpu.

    The core of the R9700PRO is basically the same core in the R9800XT, there's plenty pf headroom to overclock the R9700PRO, with proper cooling. What ATI did with the R300 core (The R9700 core- 256mbDDR bus and 8 pipes) is nothing short of amazing, all at .15 micron.
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