ATi Radeon 9700 Pro S-Video/TV out & DVi output problem

Jul 31, 2007
  1. My Radeon hasn't given me any probs over the last few years, but recently I've had this problem I have been researching for awhile and can't seem to find an answer to, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    My problem with the card is my S-Video/TV out was working fine with my Samsung HDTV until up to half a year ago or more. The S-V/TV output just stopped working, no signal, no windows logo when I boot up the computer, nothing. So I thought it could be the cable, but the cable works when I use my laptop to my HDTV with the same cable.

    I also thought it could be my S-V/TV input on my HDTV, but that wasn't the issue either for it worked when I used the my laptop to hook up to my HDTV. In my ATI Display Settings screen (Catalyst Interface), the system does not recognize the S-V/TV output (its shaded) when before it did. So then I tried to hook up the DL DVI output on the Radeon to my HDTV with a Dual Link DL DVI-I Male Cable to ATI Component Video Adapter and set the necessary switch settings on the adapter to only enable the modes my HDTV supports (480i,480p,1080i). I hooked it up this way because my Samsung HDTV does not support computer signals with its DL DVI connector hence why I went the adapter route so with this I plug that in to my HDTV via its Component 1 inputs, and still a blank screen and I followed the instructions to the letter as to how to hook these up.

    The weird thing is in the Catalyst ATI Display Settings when I am hooked up via DVI the card recognizes that, but I still can't get it to display an image on the HDTV even using custom resolutions such as 640x480i @ 30hz or 60hz, 640x480p @ 30hz or 60hz, 1776x1080i @ 30hz or 60hz or just using default resolution settings. I have tried uninstalling the drivers for my card (I have the latest), re-installing them as per the instructions when hooking up via DVI interface and shut my computer off, then turned on my HDTV, then turned on the computer, and still did not get a picture on the screen whatsoever, yet as I said before, in the Catalyst Display Settings, the system sees that the DVI interface is hooked up to a Component Video Connection unlike with the S-V/TV output where that output doesn't see anything period (shaded). Why isn't my S-V/TV out not working? Why does the card see the component video connection but display no picture on the HDTV? Is my S-Video/TV Out FRIED? and in turn it effects the DVI input enough so that the card can see its connected but can't display a picture maybe because possibly something is shorted out? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot.
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    Anyone have any ideas?
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    my freind used to have no end of EPIC problems when it came to using his HDTV as a monitor. the main problem was that the computers refresh rate would change periodically between games and programs and the TV just couldnt compensate.
    have you tried using a different monitor, perhaps a VGA one? i guess if the VGA output is still working you can narrow the problem down to either their being a problem with the cards mainboard circuitry (like the outputs being fried or damaged somehow) or a change in your software settings.

    Is the BIOS set to use the card rather than the onboard? may sound stupid but just to check, and as it was working before a certain time, you could always try to do a system restore to before it stopped working, that way you could see if it were a software or hardware issue.

    just wild stabs in the dark but i hope this heps
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