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ATI Radeon HD 5450 Review

By Julio Franco · 102 replies
Feb 4, 2010
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  1. I like this card because... This card is capable of running all effects you see in games today because it has pixel shader 5 and directx 11 support , the only problem is , it has a slow processor(650mhz) , thus it will lag on high resolutions game's because of the large amount of pixels on the screen.
  2. HD 5450 is capable of running all effects you see in games today because it has pixel shader 5 and directx 11 support , the only problem is , it has a slow processor(650mhz) , thus it will lag on high resolutions because of the large amount of pixels on the screen .
  3. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,358   +1,517

    That’s flawed logic as there are no DX11 games that this card can be used to take advantage of, it is not nearly powerful enough to utilize DX11 features.
  4. will this run skyrim?
  5. If using a dual-core and this card can play COD Black ops at full specs and with an average of 40 FPS is bad, then I don't know what can be good.
  6. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,358   +1,517

    What resolution are you running at because what you are claiming is not possible.
  7. 1280x1024

    btw, the Sempron 145 is overclocked at 3.6 from 2.8GHZ

    I overclocked the card to 820MHZ and runs at average of 47 FPS
  8. This is not a gaming gpu, i'm not sure why it was reviewed as such. It's for people like me building an HTPC. Anyone expecting to to play Crysis on a $35 card should be laughed off the internet. As an upgrade from an integrated Intel 3100, it's a nice upgrade. Now I have HDMI output and can do 1080p flawlessly along with DTS-HD.

    I bought this card because it's cheap and not power hungry. At only 19 watts, I don't need to upgrade the old 300 watt power supply. Using old & new parts, total build cost for my HTPC was only $100-including a memory upgrade, cables, and a wireless keyboard/mouse. Old PC doesn't collect dust, and I get to surf the web on my HDTV.
  9. Ati radeon 5450 hd gfx is not for gaming. Everygame should play in low or medium setting by this gfx.... This gfx is cheap and its work is also cheap...
  10. I do not live in USA;UK or other computer nirvanas.
    Here finding a motherboard with HDMI is next to impossible. For thousands of users like Me solves the integrated vs HD5350 debate.

    You buy HDMI output for cheap and get card wich is like replacing a 8600GT for free.In a CrossfireX MoBo get a GT220.Done Deal
    Is gonna be a best seller.
  11. aeloca

    aeloca TS Rookie

    Tweaks ATI

    Nicee I'll try
  12. Their might be a reason that people are looking at this card. I for one looked at it because of the price. Our finances were a bit tight and I went with what was cheaper and I am an Avid Gamer. I know this wasn't the best card out there and if I could have afforded better I would have gotten it, but I settled on price instead. This card does get you by and so far I can run almost every game I own. Granted I have to lower settings a bit, but I generally have no problems running games at all with this card and I play MMORPG's as well as The Elder Scroll games and don't have many problems at all. So to the gentleman who said, "Y'all have no clue?" Don't assume you know the whole story. Just because they are looking at this card and are avid gamers doesn't mean that they are braindead. There are reasons why a person looks at this card and affordibility is one of them.
  13. I picked up a 5450 recently for my HTPC with a 2.5 ghz. dual core Pentium (Wolfdale) and am glad I did. Its $30 at Amazon.

    Its playback abilities in Silverlight (Netflix) and Flash are excellent and Blueray movies run silky smooth.

    If you are on a budget (And really, even if you aren't) this is an ideal choice for your HTPC.

  14. The minimum gpu I would use for an htpc would be 5570 or 6570 and up.
  15. Just curious, but why?

  16. If you start enabling different shaders through mpc then a 1080p movie will stutter,I've seen it happen.
  17. OK then good enough, but I haven't.

    I have had a 5450 on my HTPC for a little over 2 years now but the first time
    I see it happen I will post back.

  18. OK but those tests were on the 6000 series cards (Northern Islands) and mine is a 5000 series Evergreen chipset. And they did state it was a driver issue:

    " AMD acknowledge the issue and indicated that they are working on a fix. I have little doubt that this is going to be resolved soon because the same files on a Blu-ray disc play back with all the post processing options. However, with the current drivers, the DDR3 based 6450 suffers heavily".

    Like I said BMfan I have never seen this issue, if it is an issue now. Not with BRD's or any multimedia benchmark.
    Although I can see now why you said you wouldn't use a x450 board.

  19. I went to read a review on the 5450 and apparently they had a problem with MPC:HC.

    This is what they had too say, "Unfortunately there are still issues with the latest drivers and the free, DXVA enabled Media Player Classic: Home Cinema edition software. Following advice from our readers, we tried the very latest (experimental) build of MPC:HC, not just the last official available download on Sourceforge, but it didn't alleviate our playback issues. Until we resolve this issue we cannot get an accurate result for h.264 playback on the HD 5450 and 785G."

    They also said it would be fine with another program.
    It's always different for some people,it's just I wouldn't recommend this card for anyone,if I was asked.
  20. Then I would imagine they shoud have updated their drivers if it was a recent review.
  21. I think that has been beaten to death so I had an idea.
    For some reason I am obviously some guy who posted a lie on the internets. What else can it be? So why don't we stop with the posts like "lookie at the problems so and so had 2 years ago" and just do this.

    Tell me what you want me to do to test out my HTPC and I will give the results.
    I dont know what else I can do or say to make it crystal clear that my HTPC has been functioning flawlessly for years.... Including after I added the 5450.

  22. Hi all;

    Just a quick question to y'all: I don't know if anyone has looked at this with this card but we've got one and we're experimenting with using it with three monitors but although advertised as a '3 monitor card' with a three monitor adaptor cable we can still only seem to get any two of the three working at once. The third remains as dectected but not active and the only option it gives us to activate it is to 'swap out' with one of the other two. You got any insight into this...? Operating system is Windows XP PRO 32 bit and before anybody says anything, upgrading to Windows 7 is a distant option which won't be happening for a few more months.
  23. Scavengers

    Scavengers TS Booster Posts: 110   +21

    I read about that a while back but I cant remember where. I will try to find it, or anything similar, and will post back.
    I have never tried multiple monitors with mine because its just for Home Theater use.

    And, Zombie Shooter 2 :)


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