ATI SAPPHIRE RADEON 9550 256MB - Restarts and In-Game Freezes

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Apr 9, 2006
  1. cjb

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    Ive got an MSI KT6V yes its VIA. I'll have a look on the website for the mobo, your suggestion seems the most likely cause of the problems ive heard. Im borrowing a good PSU and another gfx card to try. If one of those fixes the problem (probably the gfx card i expect) then i will post the conclusion and advise every soul i meet to stay away from the 9550. Then all i have to do is sell the damn thing to a gullable ***** like me again...
  2. cjb

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    Latest update: Ive just installed a different graphics card (ATI Radeon 7000 series) still bloody crashes in SOF2 and restarts randomly!

    These are the things i have replaced:

    - RAM
    - PSU
    - HD
    - Graphics Card
    - All graphics/mobo/sound drivers

    This is driving me crazy! What else can i change that could cause random restarts?!
  3. cjb

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    Ive attached some minidumps so anyone who understands them can you please tell me what it is thats making this damned machine go bust:)

    Cheers, CJB:blackeye:
  4. cjb

    cjb TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 51

    The Saga Finishes...

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, the end of an era has arrived, my computer is finally normal. No more restarts and no more SoF2/in-game crashing. And the way I solved it was to replace the motherboard (from MSI to ASUS) and wack in a different grahpics card to make sure.

    This seems to have solved the problem. Anyone with the same problem as this should just buy a new mobo/gfx card if none of the other solutions works (e.g.checking RAM/having correct PSU wattage/installing latest drivers)

    Thanks to all that contributed on this, thread especially Howard Hopkinso :)

  5. radim193

    radim193 TS Rookie

    unexpected restarts

    Hello to all, I have simillar problem. Computer is sometimes restarted without error in Event viewer. VGA is also ATI Radeon 9550 256MB.

    Here are minidump files. Can, please, anybody check them and, I hope, to specify the problem?

    Thank you in advance.
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