Attachments on rec'd emails won't forward with new Firefox

By macx
Jan 22, 2011
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  1. XP, sp3, Firefox, cable

    Finally gave in and updated to the new FF. In spite of losing an add-on that wasn't compatible,
    and was reluctant becuz I've had email problems in the past when updating browsers.

    Anyway, did the update, seemed to actually work OK this time.

    When I went into my Yahoo email (the "New" email, not Classic or the Beta) I found that
    when attempting to forward an email with an attachment, the attachment didn't forward
    with the email. And it's not a large attachment.

    I had this problem a long time ago but not again until I updated to the new Firefox.

    I looked to see if there was something that needed to be checked or unchecked, or
    something like "forward with attachments" but couldn't find any, incl in the email help.

    Others had asked the question in Yahoo email Help but not gotten any reply that fixed the problem.

    In the Help FAQ's, all it says is to have the rec'd email open, click Forward, and any attachments
    rec'd with the email will go along with the Forward. Nope.


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