Attackers are hacking company landlines to place billions in illegal calls

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Oct 21, 2014
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  1. Typically, the stories we here about hackers stealing data involve home computers, mobile devices and company database theft, but there are also profitable attacks being conducted on landline phone networks as well. According to a recent report from The New...

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  2. tonylukac

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    I could have done that when I was a phone freak Wozniak started that way. Before the internet people used passcodes to long distance companies like mci and sprint to get free calls to bulletin boards. I never did this. What they don't know now iis internet land lines like oomaand magic jack are only $4 a month unlimited long distance. Why hack? Ignorance is not bliss.
  3. They are not hacking to get free fonecalls.. They are causing. The companys to place premium calls to their own lines in foreign lands. Thus they are making large amounts of money while remaining outside the jurisdiction of USA.I
  4. Kibaruk

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  5. Not to knitpick, but if you are talking about being on a corporate network then you are talking about IP Telephony right? If that is the case then there are some serious other security based issues that need to be addressed on these LANs as it is. The smartest way to go if in the service area is secured SIP. This would alleviate many issues.

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