audigy player OR Game theater XP??

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Jun 9, 2002
  1. I have Creative DTT2200 speakers and I want to buy one of these soundcards. I need to decide but I don't know which to choose.
    Please help
    I use computer for gaming, music and DVD (in 5.1 sound of course)
    Which of those cards is the best?
    Hope you answer
  2. Vehementi

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    The Audigy definitely has the edge over the Game Theater XP sound quality wise, and most of the game designers today usually make their games thinking about Creative, so they're always more compatible. Price wise, the Game Theater is probably less, althought I don't know. Plus, if your speakers are digital, which I doubt, than you get even MORE sound quality! :grinthumb

    If I were you I'd buy an Audigy. They're just more compatible with your speakers, since they're made by actually the same company, or at least a division of it (Cambridge Soundworks).
    Unless you're the rebellious, hippie kind of person and you don't want to follow the system and not buy from the leading manufacturer than go Game Theater!
  3. TS | Thomas

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    Do you have any kind of breakdown of how it'd be used? Like mostly game, mostly music.......

    If you want 5.1 gaming at least then the Audigy's the one to go for (Or Philips Acoustic Edge). How useful are all the input/outputs of the GTXP to you also?
  4. guyferd

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    which one?

    I think game Theatre XP looks like external soundcard (because it has a rack), and audigy is internal, right? why don't you compare it with extigy? :D
    I don't know if creative is more compatible with the system, because i 've experienced with my previous soundcard : SB Live!. It didn't work with my computer, but i works great in my friend's computer. I tried with another SB Live! soundcard (I borrowed it from my friend), and it works great in my computer. So, I think creative product doesn't more compatible with all computer..

    Maybe you better compare the feature/specification of Audigy and Game Theatre XP from its website

    Creative Audigy website :

    Game Theatre XP website :

    if I were you, I'll buy GT XP.. :grinthumb
  5. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

    Game Theater XP is a regular soundcard, just all the in/outputs are on that rack. Basically its like the audigy drive & all.
  6. uncleel

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    The "breakout box" for the XP is not pc rack mounted, like the Live Drive.
  7. redfoxtx

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    The Game Theater XP has 6.1 speaker capability, so for playing DVDs its by far the better card.
    The extigy is a card to be avoided unless you're using a laptop. It bootlenecks all the card functions through a USB port, reduces a lot of the quality.
    The drivers for the XP are great, and more importantly Hercules (or Guillemont) are really good about updating drivers, with extra functionality.
    As for gaming, the Creative cards have full support for EAX wich most modern games use, including there new EAX3 which they haven't released to other card manufacturers yet, but be assured when they do Hercules will be the first people to offer updated drivers for it.

    In short, I have a Game Theater XP, and I wouldn't want anything else if I could.
  8. TS | Thomas

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    I'd disagree a bit there. 6.1 for DVDs ain't that important, not that many 6.1 systems analog are available & you also need power dvd xp or 3 with the dolby digital ex support plus a dvd that supports it. Then does a rear center channel "really" add that much extra over 5.1?

    Well, wouldn't say avoid unless you have a laptop, works fine as a standalone DD5.1 decoder also, useful perhaps if you have a Xbox for example or dvd decoder. Works decent enough on a PC though a PCI card would be a better one to have for performance reasons (less crackling too).

    As regards Drivers, Hercules are Ok, if you're over the forums there though as I was for a good few months you'll find a good few complaints - no new drivers from them in ages either. I severally doubt hercules would be the first to add EAX Advanced HD if it were able to support it either, Turtle Beach would be most likely.
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