Audio/ASIO Expert help needed

By pilz971
Feb 21, 2010
  1. Hi, I have an Acer T180 which for the last year or so I have been running Propellerheads Reason on. I have been interfacing with an Alesis io/2 and using the io/2 driver. I`ve never been able to get latency lower than 52ms and occasionally the audio output would become really badly distorted and un-listenable.

    I thought this was mostly down to the sempron 1.8ghz processor and the 512meg ram. At Christmas my good lady upgraded me with an Asus M4N78-AM motherboard, an AMD Athlon II dual core 3ghz processor and 2ghz ram which would put an end to all my woes. Add to this Cubase 5 and my days are forever happy..............NOT SO! Cubase won`t play ball at all and just `buzzes!` through my Prodipe Ribbon8 monitors. Kontakt occasionaly `loses audio output and I get very sad and frustrated!

    I`ve spoken with the nice people at Alesis and they`ve taken the io/2 in for a look.In the meantime I got a Lexicon Alpha, installed the driver and low and behold the same stuff all over again. I`ve ran DPC Latency Checker and while Cubase boots i get 2 spikes well into the red (4ooo+) and when I shut down Cubase 3 or 4 spikes at 4ooo+ . If I disable `Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller` in Device Manager the spikes go away.

    I`m currently running all my audio apps through the on board card but this is obviously only of use as a temp solution.I hope I`ve givern all the info that you wizzards need to help me and eagerly await your pearls of wisdom.

    Thank you, PaulE.
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