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I have a 2 speaker and a headphone and I keep swicthing to use each one like daily and sometimes the computer can't find the device so I need to restart the computer but this time I swapped it and it can't find it so I restart but it still can't find, I tried restarting like a million time, turning it on and off, switching each one around but still it didn't work. Would anyone tell me how to fix this please?


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Hi & welcome to TechSpot :)

so,swapping your speakers & headphone outputs?retasking?

how many audio outputs do you have?
you can assign the ouputs for your speakers
& headphone.

is that an on-board sound or add-on sound card?
brand/model? (motherboard model for on-board sound).

& also try to un-install the sound driver & re-install again.

you can look for a headphone socket from your speakers
enclosure & use it,so no need for swapping.
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