Audio Disabled no audio devices windows 8

I have an Acer E1-571 suddenly I have an X on my audio controller icon on home page and no audio devices in control panel. I have tried installing sound video and gaming controllers and then tried to install update but it says best already installed and still no Audio.
Any and all help greafully appreciated and many thanks in advance


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Look for audio drivers on the motherboard CD delivered to when after purchasing your system. If you can't find it or don't have mobo CD around, navigate to manufacturer website and download driver for audio device from there.

Good luck!!
I went to and downloaded driver from there through the SNID ref. on the base of the laptop but it keeps saying best drivers installed when I try to update it. many thanks for your reply


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OK. We'll try updating your audio driver from device manager.
Right click on My computer and select 'Manage'. Choose 'Device Manager' from the left hand pane. Click on the option 'sound, video and game controllers' - drop down list will open where currently installed drivers will be listed. If there are any yellow exclamation mark, then the driver is incompatible with the system and you'll need to update it or reinstall it.

Now, right click on the listed driver and select 'Scan for hardware changes'. It'll automatically adjust the best available version of your driver to work in accordance with your system.

If that didn't work, try option 'update driver software' which also comes after right clicking on the listed driver.

Hope it helps!!
Hello OliverPowell
after refreshing the laptop in control panel there shows no sound, video and gaming controller but under system devices the monitohas an exclamation on high definition audio controller. this is what I first saw so I added a sound,video gaming controller through device manager and then tried to install drivers. I have as I said just refreshed the laptop and am back to stage 1.
many thanks again


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Have you tried the other two options mentioned earlier: scan for hardware changes and update driver software.

If so, what error comes out?
I have no sound video and gaming controllers in device manager, under system devices lower down the list there is a yellow exclamation next to high definition audio controller, did check hardware change and tried updating but it says best already installed. still no audio and X on speaker icon in tray