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Audio Has Suddenly Disappeared!!

By technix ยท 91 replies
Nov 12, 2002
  1. FireBrand

    FireBrand TS Rookie

    [edit] Yay, friend fixed it. nevermind.
  2. pandit

    pandit TS Rookie


    am facing the same trouble but my device mAnager says 'multi-media controller' and 'SMS bus controller' need drivers to be installed. I am not sure what this means, should I install them from XP CD or from where ?

    Any help is greatly Appreciated.

  3. TotalGreen

    TotalGreen TS Rookie

    Wow.This topic keeps coming up again and again.I wonder...We must be able to form a whole community if gathered guys.I have the same problem.Winamp comes up with a "Bad DirectSound ... 8878000A" message and Windows Media Player doesn't produce sound.I am using Windows 98SE and a Sound Blaster AudioPCI 64V soundcard.

    Had the same problem before, too.Just did a fresh reinstallation after formatting and, surprise, the problem comes up again.The whole problem is too complex to sescribe now.I 'll just mention i had it for months, trying to solve it.I was hoping the format will fix it but it seems that i 'll have to deal with it somehow.It seems it has something too do with a mix of DirectSound drivers and DirectX.Don't know exactly though.I am downloading the latest drivers for my soundcard now and the kX Project's program.I 'll post again if i have new information.
  4. jonnydangers

    jonnydangers TS Rookie

    same problem

    i have the exact same problem this poor soul has, and its driving me nuts. My sound card is fine, the slot is fine, everything is fine. WINDOWS JUST REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE SOUND CARDS EXISTENCE. it displays it under other devices as a: ?Multimedia controller. i noticed this happened after i got an update from the windows update site for my ati video card. dont know if it has anything to do with it, any help really appreciated.
  5. DANM_8878000A

    DANM_8878000A TS Rookie

    I just got this problem to day when using Winamp 5.02. I have XP and onboard sound. I have tried everything in this post and many other suggestions.

    The problem came out of no where. I didnt undate/install any new drivers or service packs or anything it just came out of no where. This is the only forum i could find where people acctually tried to help. So any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Also every time I reboot my comp I get a message about new hardware, a "Multimedia Audio Controller" I think this may have something to do with the problem.
  6. TotalGreen

    TotalGreen TS Rookie

    Guys, i might have found a solution.At least it worked for me so it might help some of you.I found it at another forum and it suggested that you install ffdshow drivers:

    I did it and... it worked.Sound is back again.Try it and tell us what happened.

    Hope you work it out.
  7. DANM_8878000A

    DANM_8878000A TS Rookie

    ffdshow didnt work
  8. Marcel48

    Marcel48 TS Rookie

    Happened to me

    This happened to me directly after a reformat.

    I found this page through goodle.

    What's worse is I'm not that computer knowledgable in the first place. All I know is my sound board is on my mother board. tried drivers from Dell website, no dice. tried most suggestions on this board.

    Somebody, anybody please help me listen tp mp3s again :O(
    aim: generatormtx
  9. Marcel48

    Marcel48 TS Rookie

    I have sound.

    Turns out I needed the Dell Driver CD to install the driver correctly.

    I tried the same one on their website and it wouldnt work

  10. ivxn

    ivxn TS Rookie

    same problem

    another person with the same problem. at first i fixed by installing new drivers without rebooting. then i did reboot and even installing drivers wouldnt work. i did everything. i keep getting this same error...


    windows xp sp1
    audigy soundcard
  11. entrpyhed

    entrpyhed TS Rookie

    Hey... I just had the problem with my driver goin out on me like danm.. my problem just happened last night when I was deleting some stuff and getting bombarded by pop ups... I restored my computer to a week ago, and the problem is fixed. I've heard that Wild Tangent has screwed up peoples driver information before and i think that may have been the problem. So if you've got that on your computer, don't delete it! It'll destroy you :dead: So, I'd say try that if your problem is pretty recent. If you have Windows XP... Go Control Panel >Performance and Maintenance> and under the "see also" top left of the screen, it'll say "system restore". That just sets your computer back to how it was x-amount of days or months ago.
  12. olefarte

    olefarte TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,345   +13

    Re: SOLUTION!!!!!!

    Just thought I'd add to this thread, that I had the "Error code: 88780078" today. I had just restored my registry/system state, and had to reinstall my hacked Audigy 2ZS drivers on my Audigy 1. Anyway, to make a long day short, WinAmp wouldn't work. I did a search here at TS and found this thread, and sure enough, it fixed my problem with WinAmp.
  13. krazee

    krazee TS Rookie

    ahh damn sound

    well i tried the stuff on this thread but nothing workssss. i have a creativ sb audigy and xp. in device manager it says my card is working fine but when i goto Sound and Audio Devices in control panel, it says i have no sound device or anything. O.o?? i also get the error code 88780078 in winamp and i cant do anything in media player as well. i dont think its hardware because when i talk into my mic i can hear myself on my speakers so i think it has a problem with windows sounds and music and etc. pllllleeeaassee help!
  14. Janan

    Janan TS Rookie

    Just a thought: Check that your BIOS hasn't changed its settings. Set Plug & play OS to NO and force an update. Do you have an onboard soundcard? Check that it is disengaged.

    In a world where powerplants can't supply a steady feed, flux can cause the BIOS and other firmware to change its settings.
  15. Nager

    Nager TS Rookie

    I had the same problem today - sound disappeared. I fixed the problem by reinstalling the wdm audio drivers *repeatedly*.

    First time i only removed the sound driver from device manager and rebooted. There was no notice after reboot of any new hardware - the sound driver just reappeared, told me he was ok but still refused to work with direct sound.

    My second try was to remove the sound driver, then reinstall it immediately and *then* reboot. After the reboot i had Sound again. ;)
  16. Drunken_Munky

    Drunken_Munky TS Rookie

    Re: same problem

    had a similar problem with a wireless NIC and also this problem with winamp and out_ds.dll... anyway, when in device manager, try to uninstall everything first that you think is giving you the problem (obvious). Also, try this once to see what you get:

    > start > run > cmd.
    -type "set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1" in cmd prompt
    -type "devmgmt.msc"
    > view > Show hidden devices

    try to delete any that you didn't see before or were hidden...

    still no luck on winamp :(
  17. demonkid

    demonkid TS Rookie

    same thing happened to me T_T i went through hell trying to reformat and it won't even recgonize my sound cards thats been there for a 1 year now :/
  18. demonkid

    demonkid TS Rookie

    srry about double post but i can't find a edit button X_x

    now it regonizes the multimedia audio controller but it says windows cannot find the necessary hardware
  19. Seer

    Seer TS Rookie

    I tried this, i got up to the "Enable Windows Sound" step and couldnt do it, because windows still doesnt setect any sound device.

    Integrated sound card on my mobo. intel p4

    this is a problem that spans TWO YEARS

    I think it might have to do with wildtangent, as someone mentioned...

    p.s. this is the only place i could find that offered solutions

    I was able to fix my sound in winamp, but not in anything else!
  20. Seer

    Seer TS Rookie

    Re: Bad Directsound Driver 88780078

    got mine fixed :D

    basically what I did, except i didnt insert any disc, have integrated audio on mobo, and well im happy now :)

    Lets hope it stays fixed

    Note: I tried many other solutions, and pretty much only this one worked. ^^

    edit: still no longer totally working, some games and apps do not recognize the card/drivers, and windows still does not recognize my card.

    edit: alternate drivers totally fixed my sound. i recommend trying the Kx drivers suggested at the beginning of the thread.
  21. gregui

    gregui TS Rookie

    even changing the sound cards

    Hello everybody,
    same problem as you guys.
    Tried to :
    - uninstall/reinstall drivers 2 zillions times
    - take out card, reboot, put it back, scan for hw changes
    - change with 3 different sound blaster cards (1 PCI, 2 ISA)
    - upgrade directx (currently 9.c)

    and basically all advised in this thread, except use the Kx drivers, as they apply to more recent cards than my sound blaster 16, awe32 isa cards and my CT4810 (sound blaster PCI 64 or 128 if I remember).

    No luck with any of this, I keep trying but will be happy with any new creative ;-) idea ....

    How come this bloody problem has not been fully resolved in a year :( ??
  22. hi99001

    hi99001 TS Rookie

    Audio Multimedia Controller problem?

    I lost all sounds also. Problem probably Multimedia Audio Controller. Was unable to locate this driver/software anywhere. Called technical support of my computer manufacturer and he guided me through reinstalling this device from the original boot discs. Now I have the audio system working.
  23. taylormon

    taylormon TS Rookie

    Hiyas what's up, how's it going? Name is, well name's not important. I was searching online for the same problem, because computers just sucks. Well I had this nasty virus on my computer that took up all my system resources, and it was not pleasant, so I downloaded something that searched for suspicious files in my registry, and I deleted them and it was dumb.

    After losing sound(before I deleted things) I went on the same search as many of you have. My results turned up nill to none. I ended up not only losing my sound, but all my drivers and internet connections as well.

    Well let me tell you didn't I feel foolish. So first I borrowed my Father-in-law's register which he was kind enough to burn to disk for me. I don't think I should of done it but I didn't know what else to do. That brought sound back. YAY. THen I still had the problem of the internet. I deleted the driver as HELP(F1) said, and I turned off then on the LAN connection, it found it installed it and here I am.

    What I came to realize, was that in my efforts to delete **** from the registry and get the sound to work and to delete the annoying files KILLING my boyfriends computer, I had done alotta bad crappa. I found out one of the reasons I had lost sound to begin with was either because I:
    A:Went into the registry and deleted files that should NOT Have been deleted, or
    B:Went into my MS configuration and put it into Diganostics mode so I could actually delete the annoying virus that was taking up all my resources..(VBTAPI.EXE, anyone else have that problem?)

    To fix my problem and get my sound back from the nothingness:
    Go to Start
    Go to Run
    Type MSconfig
    Be VERY CAREFUL what you do here, you can F**K S**T UP. Trust me I know.
    Go to the first tab and put it into either selective start up or Normal start up, and you should regain sound.

    GOod luck everyone, hope this helps you.
  24. whatboutbob

    whatboutbob TS Rookie it seems this issue won't die. I'm gonna post my circumstances in the hope that we can get to the bottom of this eventually.

    started getting this issue in the last couple of days. I get the error message, my system won't recognize my sound card (SB audigy)...but it will still play system sounds etc. When I restart the computer, it finds the card again.

    I tried the tip suggested earlier to select the card in winamp, and seems to have done the trick. As the tipper mentioned tho, the system still won't recognise my soundcard.

    I've had the same sound card and computer for at least 18 months without any issues. It could just be a coincidence but I installed and started using winamp just prior to the problem arising (like...the same day...or maybe the day before). I also installed plugins for flac and shn (the main reason I installed winamp). My gf also installed some crap for her iRiver H10 around the same time...including their audio software (iRiver plus I think it's called).

    I had been using mediamonkey prior to that with no such problems.

    I run Windows XP pro.

    that's all i can think of off the top of my head. hopefully can get this issue sorted....eventually... :)
  25. jamesedwards123

    jamesedwards123 TS Rookie

    I ve had this twice now lol

    Okay first off dont get crazy and reformatt your comp. If you dont try and keep trying to solve the problems then you wont be able to correctly solve the problem. All problems can be over come with out reformatting. Although reformatting does make it easy like an easy way out.

    Strange thing is I had this problem twice on my computer, both times I stumbled across this forum. Each TImed I figured out a way to solve it on my own through means of exploring the issue on my comp and tkaing different approaches to correct it.

    First thing I due when I get sound error I check my volume control... In this case it says no audio device detected! grrr > <
    So I open up my device manger and check each sound driver. All working properly.
    This problems happens in many sound cards relating to what I think is the Digital signer ofthe driver and the location/under general.

    So my Nvidia R nforce tm audio codec interface had a location of unknown and no digital signer. At first I tried to update and visit nvdia to no avail. So I roll backed this codec. Which then the driver had a location PCI bus 0,device 6, function 0 and the Microsoft windows Hardware Compatiblity.

    Right after the rollback I check my volume control. DETECTED but everything was muted. Moments later I was kicking back to some tunes. I ve fixed this problem on many machines with different cards all seem to be sovled the same way. Also after you roll back update your codec to the latest sound driver and it will be alright. Well I hope this helps.

    Anyways last time I ran across this was 2003 so I find it funny that I came across the same forum alive and kicking. I thought Iwould put in my opion and thoughts on the situation since i have come with a solution a couple times on my machine.

    Directions right click MY COMPUTERclickHARDWARE tabclick DEVICE MANAGERclickSOUND,VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICESclick your INTERFACE AUDIO CODECclickDRIVER tabclickROLL BACK DRIVER (may get compatiblilty microsoft popup about digital signing and sytem stabilty)(ignore this) Everyhting should work :). close your winamps, itunes and start it up again. For the effect to applied to the newly opened player or else your current opened players(if currently opened will try to grab from the wrong location)
    Start:accessories:Entertainment:Volume COntrol>>>>check you volume make sure nothing is muted. take you time and read what it says. :p

    James Edwards

    well I hope this helps your guys problems.
    If not awe well keep trying.

    Sorry if you cant roll back driver go to your site of your sound card/video card which ever your using download all drivers for the device thatyou use for sound. uninstall drivers. Restart... reinstall drivers(should be prompted when you restart up) click update driver. For each audio driver. If your using nforce you will have to reinstall your graphics too. SOrry Forgot to give the information to yah. Nothing to big on this problem its just with the drivers. **** happens.

    test your latest virus protection against
    click here
    WARNING WARNING clicking here will result in immediate upload of virus even if you have not pushed okay to accept download
    Virus also stores in system restore
    okay heres the link
    I just know that some network companies like to test there systems against the latest threats.
    email altered
    Warning do not click the link if you dont have adquete protection.
    Have fun aqnd crash a comp :p.
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