Audio problem

By Arturikas
May 23, 2014
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  1. Hello, im using

    Windows 7 64bit
    Motherboard Name Intel Whitesburg DP55WB
    Realtek ALC888/1200 @ Intel Ibex Peak PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [B-2] PCI
    Headphones steelseries syberia v2 - 3.5mm jack

    this is integrated sound card

    so my problem is, what not working balance. then I press test, the sound must come from left to right ear, but it comes from both always, even I do all volume on right ear it anyway plays on both sides.
    Even I delete driver, on default win7 driver remains same problem.
    I tried to use earbuds, another headphones still same.

    now im thinking just buy sound card to solve problem
  2. Arturikas

    Arturikas TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I solved, so problem was my razor black widow keyboard it has 3.5mm jacks, so my headphones plug dont stick full.
    im so shocked how razor failed

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