Automatic Reboot

By daniel161
Jan 26, 2009
  1. Hey everyone,

    I have a 98se computer running a online radio station I do. It does the job perfectly, so no, I am not going to upgrade to XP or Vista.

    Here is the problem, everything works fine except the VNC application that I use if a problem arises and I can not be in the studio. Only problem is randomly the VNC server crashes the computer, sometimes with a blue screen.

    Question, what is the feasibility of remotely shutting down and rebooting the computer if needed? I though about using some kind of Home automation software like X-10 to just cut the power if I need it to. Or just setting a timer to cut and restore power every night when no one is listening anyway. But both methods could possibly damage the hard drive....

    I have another computer that I use in the station that is going to be setup as a meda server for the other computer to access the audio on, so I was thinking about a shared HD so nothing is lost if the constant rebooting hurts the other computers Hard drive.

    Thanks for any help and suggestions!

    --Daniel L
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  3. daniel161

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    Im sorry for not posting a reply sooner, I had to wait until late at night to test this incase it did crash.

    I used TightVNC before.

    I installed UltraVNC and it seemed to install and operate fine like TightVNC, but additionally it crashed the computer like TightVNC by logging into the computer.

    Sometimes the screen would just go black with a white cursor, or it would bluescreen.

    As of now, I have uninstalled VNC from the computer as I can not have it crash. If I ever upgrade, I may look into VNC again.


    --Daniel L
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    Did you do the cleanups?

    Is the computer up to date?

    What Virus scanner? (This could be the issue with VNC).

    Uninstall everything in Add/Remove that are not nessesary.

    Do you run any AntiSpyWare protection/cleaners?

    If not I think SpyBot still supports 98, Adaware2008 does not but Adaware 6 can still be found.

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