Baldur's Gate 3 update: Larian teases that "something's brewing"


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If you're currently among the masses that are lamenting the delay of Cyberpunk 2077, or any of the other notable delays announced recently, then perhaps you'll find comfort in a Baldur's Gate 3 update.

As many of you may recall, Larian Studios, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Divinity: Original Sin 2, revealed last summer that it was working on Baldur's Gate 3, the long awaited sequel to Baldur's Gate 2.

The new game is set to take place some 100 years after the events of Baldur's Gate 2, and there's even a tabletop game that acts as a prequel to bridge the gap between the two games. However, since the initial announcement, Larian has had exceptionally little to offer in the way of updates. It seems we won't have to wait long to find out more, as Larian has taken to Twitter to offer a teaser of sorts.

The teaser starts off with a quote from a character most Baldur's Gate fans should know. "There've been many developments since last you were in Baldur's Gate my friend. It's time to return." The character speaking is none other than Volo, the famous storyteller and traveler from previous titles in the series.

What follows next is a montage of what looks like motion capture work, music production, and artwork. The teaser ends with date 02-27-20, captioned with the phrase "something's brewing."

With Divinity: Original Sin 2, Larian demonstrated its got the chops to handle the Baldur's Gate legacy -- and I can't wait to see what's brewing next month.

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My prediction? Balder's Gate craft beer. This is how the industry thinks these days.


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My prediction? Balder's Gate craft beer. This is how the industry thinks these days.
Not far off, when me and my buddies went to the last Blizzcon a beer garden truck was selling Murky's Ale specially crafted beer worst part was next to us was Matt Mercer and a bunch of the voice actors(we didn't recognize them at first and we all seen them regularly on YouTube), all in cosplay, they are such nice people to meet, but a funny connection to D&D and beer, I wouldn't doubt people haven't thought about making a Pumat Sol inspired Ale as there are Tea's called "Dead People Tea -Caduecus Clay brand" ...and for those that don't know it's a reference to Critical Role and Geek Sundry d&d characters that are also voice actors for Blizzard, Anime, and Video Games that stream their games.