Barnes & Noble launches larger Galaxy Tab 4 Nook with expandable storage

By Shawn Knight
Oct 22, 2014
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  1. Barnes & Noble is expanding its partnership with Samsung today with the launch of a new tablet to complement the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. The new slate, also known as the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, features one major difference...

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  2. Funny, the nook hd+ Im using to write this had better screen. I dont think this was a good choice from barnes and noble.
  3. Whodatninja

    Whodatninja TS Rookie

    Agreed. I love the Nook hd+. The 64gb feature is cool, but considering the Nook HD+ has a bigger internal storage capacity in the first place it's kind of a wash. Great tablet.
  4. Seems. Like. A lot of money for below average tablet At least up the res to hudl1 stds let alone fullldh hudl2 at 120quid or 60 in vouchers.

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