Battle For Middle Earth Loading Problems

By ultraevans ยท 4 replies
Dec 17, 2005
  1. I've bought a new computer, better than my old one (which played BFME fine) and now it isn't playing on my new one ARGGHHH!
    So I decided I would email the EA customer support department - what a waste of time that turned out to be. I tweaked the GEFORCE settings as they told me to and nothing happened, I have also tried updating all my drivers and DirectX but still no result. Once I double click the icon the first two screens will appear but then after that nothing. My specs are 200GB Hard Drive, 3.2GHZ Intel P4 Processor, GEFORCE 6600GT graphics card. Can anyone help plzzz becuase i'm all out of ideas!! :eek:
  2. Federelli

    Federelli TS Rookie Posts: 361

  3. ultraevans

    ultraevans TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yep i downloaded it this morning - makes no difference
  4. Federelli

    Federelli TS Rookie Posts: 361

    You'll have to wait for the next patch i guess.

    You can try backtracking Nvidia's buggy drivers till you find one that works.
  5. ultraevans

    ultraevans TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It really is very annoying - I am going to continue to spam EA with complaints until they sort it!
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