Battlefield V team loves that Call of Duty may ditch its campaign

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Earlier today we stirred up some controversy when we reported that Treyarch might be ditching the single-player campaign in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The consensus among TechSpotters is that Activision and Treyarch are shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring the fans of solo story arcs.

According to sources at VentureBeat, the folks over at DICE are “ecstatic.” The studio, which is responsible for the Battlefield series seems to agree with our readers that their rival developers are dropping the ball by eliminating the single-player campaign. The way they see it, they are ready to pick up that fumble and run with it.

Football metaphors aside, like CoD’s most recent iteration, Battlefield V is going to be set during World War II. DICE has a “vignette-style” story planned and sees Activision’s focus on CoD multiplayer as a way to snag its competitor's single-player demographic.

This is not a far-fetched possibility. Many players on the TechSpot forums have already indicated that they have no interest in buying a Call of Duty that has no solo mode.

Longtime TechSpotter Uncle Al said, "Well that makes my buying decision easy ..... NO SALE!"

"Single player is the most compelling reason to buy a CoD game," said davislane1.

The overall consensus here is that Activision is making a very poor decision by ignoring the solo campaign in favor of the latest gaming fad (Battle Royale).

Indeed, Jeff Grubb with VentureBeat points out that despite the fact that CoD may add a battle royale mode, scrapping the single-player experience results in a net loss.

“I have loved some Call of Duty games in the past, and I have skipped the campaign in most of them — this includes the entries in the series that I spent 1,000-plus hours with. But I can’t help but recoil at the value proposition of paying $60 for just online multiplayer modes. Paying the same price for what many will perceive as a smaller game may turn into a tough sell for the Call of Duty team.”

However, it is well worth mentioning that Treyarch or Activision have not officially announced anything regarding the content of Black Ops 4. In fact, when Polygon sought comment on the matter, Activision’s response was, “We don’t comment on rumor and speculation.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 does not launch until October 12, 2018, but a big reveal is planned for May 17. We will see for sure at that time if DICE’s excitement is warranted or not.

While EA has not yet announced a release date for Battlefield V, Expert Reviews is predicting an October launch for it as well based on past major EA releases.

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Part of me finds it really hard to believe that after all of these years of developing COD games, Activision has found itself in a situation where they can't complete single player because they can't meet the launch date. It's as if it were more a deliberate thing than anything, especially with the rumored addition of a "battle royale" mode.

You could almost say they watched the success of games like PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale and decided why bother with a single player when they can just focus on multiplayer. Seeing as it's COD, they will probably still charge $60 for the game and you won't see a sale on it until probably a year later after the next COD comes out.

What's sad is the game will still sell well simply on its name alone. I'm sure not as well as it normally does, but still well.


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I play the campaign once in FPS's and forget about it. I'm not the majority, but like the missing headphone jack, I think people will adapt to not getting a campaign if the rest of the content is really good.
Assuming they go that route of course.


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Here we go again. I guess they didn't learn their lessons a few years ago when every studio was moving towards online-only. These greedy publishers and devs are never going to stop trying to morph video games into gambling. Its all part of the push to monetize every second of our lives. I can't wait until society as a whole decides to push back - HARD.

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Battlefield V eh? I'll have to check that one out cause COD ain't seeing any more of my green after such a stupid decision .......


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I say to EA that a 5/6 hour campaign is not really worth the £50 you charge either if someone does not like pvp.. Both companies "dropped the ball" when they drop campaign modes. A thirty hour campaign would be what I would like to see but realistically that is never going to happen these days.

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Just don't make it around US propaganda and it will be great. If it's 1/3 as russians 1/3 as germans and 1/3 americans/english and everything isn't based around glorifying US I will be actually excited to play it. Cod campaigns haven't interested me after the second game and the multiplayer seems stupid compared to other shooters. If they want to keep the market they need to make it 100% US and simple crappy multiplayer for their core militant american audience, if they want to make actually good game they need to do the exact opposite. I get why they ditched the campaign if they really want any market share outside US.


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Isnt Overwatch an online only game??
If they can even come close to matching the amount of content Blizzard has released for Overwatch, I'll be surprised.And even if they do, what are the chances it won't come in the form of paid DLC?
At one time Call Of Duty Single player was the reason I played it, they ruined the COD series after Black Ops 2 if you ask me, get rid of Single player mode and give The public another COD 4 with pro mods so we can play like we used to 5v5, a fine example is Counter Strike still capturing the players after all the years they do not fix something that is not broken just update the graphics but keep the game play simple and skilled.
I also prefer Battlefield 4 over the new one it has a more of a personal feel the mouse does not feel the same in Battlefield 1 and the game play is dull but pretty and that is just not enough me on a personal note.

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Wow, Uncle Al and davislane1 made it on the news, "Hi ma, I'm on the internet!". I hope it happens to me too. I can see it: "Techspot forum poster Mighty Duck made a silly joke with his broken english".


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There is not a single battlefield with a campaign worth playing. BF campaigns are by far the worst.

Also the black ops games have the poorest among the cods so its no loss.

If someone hasn't already then give infinite warfare campaign a go. One of the best campaigns in the fps genre and beyond.