beer in laptop: power supply problems

By bomberbob
Jul 28, 2006
  1. I am trying to repair a laptop for someone else. They spilled some beer in their Dell laptop, ruined the motherboard. Whenever you plug in the A/C adapter, the power supply would shut down. I replaced the motherboard, upon initial boot I had enough time to change date and time in BIOS, then it shut off. I realized that it was running off the last bit of battery, and that the A/C adapter is not powering the laptop, or charging battery.
    Power supply is rated at 19.5 volts, but when plugged into the laptop, I only see 6.6 volts on the back of the power connector (on the motherboard). Power supply doesn't even get warm, I haven't stripped the motherboard back down, but nothing seems to be getting warm on the mobo either. Did the short circuit from the beer take out both the motherboard and the power supply? How can I place a load on the power supply, and determine if it is toast? I have a power supply on order, but if there is something wrong with this motherboard from Dell, I need to get it taken care of before the warranty runs out.
    What am I missing here?
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