Belkin Wireless G Universal Range Extender

By BigKahuna
Sep 6, 2008
  1. I have a wireless router downstairs and I get a crappy signals upstairs. If i buy this I want to put this upstairs but does this have to be connected to the router? i have a D-Link router.
  2. rf6647

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    I re-read the post. The extender must be positioned to receive a good signal from the router AND from the upstairs computer when the extender is configured as a bridge/repeater. Positions of antennas affects performance (vertical, horizontal, inclined at angle). Wireless G seems to have good vertical range at our church (concrete, beams, girders, etc).

    The d-link router must be capable of supporting WDS (repeaters/bridges) if the extender is used in that manner. In this configuration, all points use the same SSID and channel.

    If the extender is used for its greater range, it can be cabled to the router. In this configuration a different channel is used and a different SSID can be chosen, as well.

    I suggest that you experiment since a few of the newer routers support WDS but do not advertise so (at least that is a rumor from another board). Start simple - without encryption. (For Bridge/repeater - extender not cabled to router) :Configure to extender to the same ssid & channel as the router. Examine the status & logs for the router. See if the extender appears in the client table and/or logs. From the router side (computer connected to router), obtain the status page for the extender (based on the IP assigned in the client table).

    From the extender side, a cable connection eliminates some of the guesswork. Otherwise, go for the home run - go wireless. Attempt to access the network and hope for the best.

    Read the manuals. The extender will not assume its proper role as a bridge/repeater in the network unless restarted and disconnected from the cabled connection used for the initial configuration.
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