Besides socket type, what else limits cpu upgrade?

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Jul 18, 2008
  1. lats say I got a laptop with a intel pentium m centrino, 1.6ghz, 2mb cache, 533 fsb. socket 478.

    what can I go up to. on mine though, the cpu has its outermost corner pin gone as well as the one directly inwards diagonally from it. I found other cpus on ebay saying socket 478, but they have the outer corner as well as one next to it gone instead, so where my 2nd pin is missing, this other one has a pin there, so it wouldnt fit on my motherboard.

    if I just find one with the same pins missing?

    I know there are P4's that are 478 pin, they have a fsb of 800 though, and my memory is only 667, but i have a feeling that the fsb is one of the factors you cant go past what your motherboard is rated for.

  2. Tmagic650

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    This is a very tricky thing to do, or accomplish. Even if you could find a compatible processor, I doubt if you would see much of an improvement in performance gain. Just max out the total system memory and be happy with that
  3. maddmatt02

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    alright, I found a pentium m centrino, 1.73ghz, 2mb cache, 533 fsb, basically same as what I got just barely faster. my laptop is junk right now and from troubleshooting it should be the cpu or motherboard, and seeing as the cpou was 20, and motherboards are alot more, i figured id just try the cpu first. and if it is the cpu I was just gonna worry about getting the fastest one I could later, and get it working cheap. I think I found a 2.1 ghz that would work, but it still brings in a decetn amount of money, so Ill just stick with the 1.73. I also got 2gb of pc2-5300 667 ddr2 ram in the mail (bought it when the laptop was working)

    so Ill have 1.73 / 2 gb ram vs 1.6 / 512mb ram. I should notice that...
  4. nickc

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    the ram u would notice a difference in but the processor u would never know any difference. my advice would be to sell what u have save a little money to go with it and by the best u can afford.
  5. maddmatt02

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    well, there is a chance the 1.6 I got is toast so I cant sell it (maybe not)

    and I actually got this laptop free from my sister a month or so ago. and it didnt work, another guy helped me out trying all sorts of things and says its either the cpu or mobo. Id rather just spend around 100 or less on this one and get it going then sell the oparts and buy a brand new laptop. and even if the 1.73 isnt really faster than the 1.6. I will notice it if it works, because it will be way faster than a non-working 1.6! lol
  6. nickc

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    u're right there. go get the 1.73 then, be aware that u may have to have a tech put the processor in. laptops are not that easy to work on if u do not know what u are doing.
  7. maddmatt02

    maddmatt02 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 88

    well, ive had it torn down 4 times now, and im talking everything out of there.
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