Best Buy, Morgan Stanley: iPad cutting into notebook sales


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Many have questioned whether an upsurge in tablets sales would dip into sales of other portable computing devices, especially netbooks. Shedding light on that concern, Best Buy has revealed internal figures suggesting the iPad has cut notebook sales by up to 50%. Much of that is netbooks -- a segment Apple isn't in -- and since Mac sales continue growing, it seems on the surface that many shoppers are opting for the iPad over Windows-based mobile PCs.

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This was debunked on CNBC this afternoon. Best Buy sells a lot of laptops and Apple doesn't even have the capacity to produce enough iPads to replace 1/2 of Best Buy's laptop sales. The conjecture was that they meant "netbook" instead of "notebook."


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I think the ipad is cutting into netbook sales because people just want something they can view the internet on but.... anyone who buys a overpriced Ipad to use as a 'netbook" is going to be extremely disappointed....


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anyone who buys a overpriced Ipad to use as a 'netbook" is going to be extremely disappointed....
You pretty much hit the nail right on its head, considering the level of hardware+software combination on these things, they are more of a fad. Although, people like e.g. newsreaders are probably buying them in big numbers because they just sit and read things from netbooks/notebooks for now so that can be an improvement for them ;) but that is just a theory.
of course.
I love my iPad. It has almost completely replaced my personal computer. For the things I do... Is is perfect! Much nicer than any CPU I have ever owned. All my other computers would do a lot of things I would never use it for, and do it painfully in the process (slow, buggy, etc.). When you get down to what you do most on you personal computer... the iPad does almost all of the things an average user needs, and with a much much nicer U/I. Easy of use, fast, and efficient. The other computer manufacturers could learn a thing or two from this, but even if they do... they will probably screw-up the one they come out with by adding all the crap back in again. Ugggggg!!!!

I am sticking with my iPad. I think other will do the same once they try it and realize it is the perfect personal computer :)
------and let's keep an eye on "iFunia ipad Column" to catch the useful info and source.


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this is actually great. more tablets, more netbooks, and notebook price are falling down. I remember years ago during AGP era, enthusiast notebook are way more expensive than now. though the hardcore one remains expensive, as the name suggests.