Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox Series X? Best Money Can Buy.


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I recently bought an Asus Vg279q to use with my Xbox One X. Rtings says the input lag is 4.3 mms. It has made an amazing difference. Rtings says 5mms makes a difference.

I have money to spend and would like to get a monitor for the next Xbox that can do 4K/120 at 5mms or less. I am having trouble finding listed input lag times for newer and more expensive monitors.

Does anyone know if there is such a monitor? Are there any coming out? Should I wait? My priorities are 1) Input lag and response time. 2) Resolution 3) Size If I could get a 65 inch 4K monitor that runs like this Asus I have, I would be in heaven.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Input lag is system dependent, and not just the monitor, which is why you're stuggling to find listed values. The likes of use a common platform for testing monitors against each other, but the input lag values they achieve in such tests are for that system only; different setups may achieve the same, shorter, or longer input lag values.

Until the exact specifications and operational mechanics of the next Xbox platform are known for certain, it is impossible to determine how different monitors will affect the input lag on that console. Thus putting down a lot of money on a monitor at this moment in time would be risky, and I wouldn't personally recommend it.

With regards to your query about 65" 4K monitor, how about this:

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Thank you. I will likely wait and do it all at once. That monitor above looks and sounds amazing. I am nervous about spending that much money without knowing how the input lag compares to what I have now. Being able to kill things as quickly as possible(in the game) matters to me.🙂 Thanks again.