Best monitor for laptop

Have asus tuf dash F15 with i7 geforce rtx 3060 , 3.30 ghz +16gig ram-what would be the top res and fps it can handle for an extra monitor so I dont waste $ on one too good for it. thanks all


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Some of those Asus gaming laptops output GSync so I would think you would want a monitor that has that feature or at least GSync compatible (there seems to be a difference). I think gaming at 2560 x 1440 at 120 or 144hz - medium to high detail is the sweet spot right now for most gamers with one of the new series of cards. I think 4K gaming isn't quite there yet for a laptop graphics card. 27" models should be affordable and if you find they are not than high refresh rate FHD (!920 x 1080) will be for sure affordable.