Better frame rate on Radeon HD 4600


Im trying to increase frame rate for Battlefield 3, my pc has A Radeon 4600.

can anyone explain what I need to do to increase the frame rate, at the moment its averaging 16 and I would ideally like 30... might not be possible, but any tips would e great.

other info:
2 x quad core i7 cpu
16 gb ram
windows 7 64bit



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Get a new videocard. That's where the bottleneck is. But make sure your power supply can supply enough consistent power.

If you wanna keep your current card cranking down the video settings to about the minimum might squeeze out some more although I imagine your already have them set pretty low.


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What card do you specifically have (4650/4670)? And what resolution do you play at? As Ranger points out whatever 4600 series card you have is easily your bottleneck and holding you back. If you do not have the budget to upgrade (new video card & possibly power supply), try and lower your settings as best possible and even turn down the resolution if you are playing at something high like 1920x1080. The 4600 series was a good low-end solution when they came out, but it was never meant to carry something like BF3 at solid framerates.