Bing reportedly censoring Chinese language search results for US users, Microsoft denies accusations

By Himanshu Arora ยท 5 replies
Feb 12, 2014
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  1. Microsoft denied it was excluding websites or censoring information from its Bing search engine results for Chinese-language users in the US, after censorship blog first brought up the issue.

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  2. Who uses Bing to do any search?
  3. This is a non-issue. As an expat living in China, it is easy to get around the Great Chinese Firewall. Even high school kids know how to do it as do all the foreigners living here - either VPNs or proxies are easy to come by for anyone interested in getting around the censors. What is more frustrating here is how slow the internet is, especially when crossing the firewall back to the west, even for sites that are not blocked and when not using VPN.
  4. Do you live under a rock? Really, do you? What a retarded question. Who uses Bing? Me, and approximately 20% of all internet users according to the last stats I looked at. Perhaps if you removed those Google glasses (and probably that Google stick firmly lodged up somewhere) and tried something new once in a while you might find out why those 20% use it.
  5. I use google, google scholar, google books etc for search. Bing is just rubbish by comparison - never gets me what I want. people using Bing just do so cos their browser defaults to it, or to spite Google, which just spites themselves. It's nice to have a choice but until it actually can deliver like google, then forget it.
  6. Who uses Bing to do any search?

    Ahhhhh SPIDERMAN!!

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