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Mar 5, 2002
  1. CDefacer

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  2. Silveraxe

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    Lattitude c840

    I volunteer at a church and a Lattitude c840 was 'dropped off' (should have been my first warning sign) When I fire it up I get the bios password msg. This system fpsx421-595b needs bios password, blah, blah, blah. I would have simply called Dell, but when you flip it over there seems to be no service tage. The spot where it should be was ripped off. Is there another place to look for it, if not how do I get this resolved. I'd do the paperclip/sandwich tie thing if I knew where to go. I looked at the schematics for the system which told me all of nothing. I popped the keyboard off and can't see anything labeled 'CMOS reset'
  3. ceegee

    ceegee TS Rookie

    "I have a Dell D400 Bought second hand, has anybody got any idea how to unlock it"

    i have heard that if the original owner will transfer registration, dell will help with the laptops. Might just ask original owner what the password was, truthfully laptops are way to mobile and easily stolen so most laptop companies will not help with unlocking passwords. be aware that laptop drives can also be protected with passwords and it is written to the drive, not bios, removing drive and sticking it in another system will still not let you into it.
  4. Newbee33

    Newbee33 TS Rookie

    inspiron 1150 bios password

    i would be the happiest person on earth if someone could hep me w/ a bios password that i havent the slightest idea what 2 do with. its a dell inspiron 1150. any help would be sooooo greatly appreciated (keeping my fingers crossed that there is no hdd password if i could find a way around this!!)
    I refuse to give up all hope! got it as a xmas present:( & i wasnt naughty all year:)!! Please help! I have already tried removing the battery trick and no luck!!

    dell inspiron 1150
    XP home edition
    service tag 9C98T61
    express service code 2zero332162729

    thanks 4 any help in advance!! sorry if this reposts.. but my email is email removed pls HELP!
  5. ryan5262

    ryan5262 TS Rookie

    Phone Dell tech support on 08703664033 you have Gold support on that system.

    Tell the tech that you require you bios master password for your system the will ask to you to fax in owner ship details.

    Company name
    System type
    Service tag
    and mark on the tech its for.
    and the exact message you see on screen when it askes for the password.

  6. suprdave81

    suprdave81 TS Rookie

    got a dell inspiron 1200 .Need help to unlock it . When I turn it on it displays "The system is protected by authentic password type in the system or admin password and press enter to access. " Cant access BIOS or anything .
  7. Empress

    Empress TS Rookie

    Dell D610 Latitude Bios Password


    Can anyone help with a master passcode for a D610 Dell with the following info as it was bought on ebay and has the grey and white passcode screen come up and the nice vendor wont reply to my emails etc so at the moment it is useless to us and we wanted to take it on a trip shortly to stay in touch!

    The information that I have is:

    Service Tag DFZZH1J

    CN-0D4571-48643-51R-4052 REV A01

  8. lica_horatiu

    lica_horatiu TS Rookie

    Inspiron 700m

    Hi there,

    I have a probl with my Inpiron 700m.
    It`s bios locked. There is someone who know a method to unlock this model?
    I was looking for that chip 24c or 25 on MB but no chance to find it.

    Please someone help me.

    My e-mail is email removed

    Thk u.
  9. medman

    medman TS Rookie

    Hi Guys, I just got a Dell Latitude C640 from a local auction house, it is password protected, any idea how to remove it, I have tried to jumper the chip without any luck, so far it is in bits, but I am able to still use it and enter passwords, I have also tried the latitude.exe without any luck.. if anyone could help I would appreciate it....
    The Service Tag is BXDR61S
    Express Service Code 25963092064

    P.S I am happy to provide a gift of $20AUD via paypal .. thanks..

    I have uploaded some photos for fun, have a look what I did to this poor machine.. :)

  10. medman

    medman TS Rookie

    Found a Bios Password Remover that Works

    Hi Guys & Gals, after searching for a few days, I found an Aussie person that helped me remove my password from my C640, it took some time but it worked, I had to remove the motherboard and short the chip on the back.

    do a search on ebay for "Dell Laptop Bios Password Removal Guide 4 Many Models"

    Item number: 280120943965 best off all if it does not work they will give you a full refund, it cost me only $2US .. bargain..

    They said the same will work for the following dell models, but I have only tried it on mine being a Dell Latitude C640..
    check it out

    try if you have any of the model below...

    Precision Models

    Latitude Models

    XPi CPi CPiA CPx CPxJ CSx c400 c500 c510 c540 c600 c610 c640 c800 c810 c840 L400 D400 D410 D500 D505 D510 D600 D610 D800 D810 110L X1
    Inspiron Models

    510m 600m 3200 3500 3800 4000 4100 4150 5100 8000 8100 8200 8500 8600 9300 1100 1200 2200 M170 XPSGen2
  11. Ephrem

    Ephrem TS Rookie

    I have a Dell cpx J650ct Bought second hand, has anybody got any idea how to unlock bios password.
    the message im getting is, "This Computers System is protected by a password authentication system. you cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password.

    Please type in the primary or administrator password and press enter.

    i have tried most password removal technics and alot of them don't work,oh the bios is an A12.
    thanks in advance
  12. kitty500cat

    kitty500cat TS Evangelist Posts: 2,154   +6

    Supposedly you can reset the BIOS password on Dell desktops by resetting a jumper, according to a Dell support page.

    Dell says you have to contact them for resetting laptops' passwords.
  13. ryan5262

    ryan5262 TS Rookie

    i am a Dell Gold Tech support Tech

    If you need the bios master password for your system

    Stick come Warranty on your system not sure of the price but dose not cost alot and it is worth it.

    The Will Require your Order number and company name

    Then phone in for support a week later
    Tech will ask you to fax in the following information
    Company name
    System type
    Service tag
    and mark on the tech its for.
    and the exact message you see on screen when it askes for the password.
  14. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    BIOS cracking program
  15. xxdj

    xxdj TS Rookie

    HI SIR,

    Pls help me me with my Dell Latitude 610. Me and my brother brought this at Ebay. We decide to buy here because its cheap. But when it delivered there is a password. We thought is ok for some of reason we need remove the batterry. Anyway it doesnt work. can you please help us. SERVICE TAG: 51P5P71-595B , SEWRVICE CODE 10986634189.. 0 means ZERO. Thanks for help. Im only a working student
  16. sahraoui

    sahraoui TS Rookie

    Need bios flash content ( mx25L8005 ) of Dell D620. I have erase it accedentely please need me to programme this flash my dell is H S .
    mail : email removed. thanks for help
  17. Pitt

    Pitt TS Rookie

    Hi there!

    Can someone help me unlock a Dell Latitide D620??

    Got it from my brother...

    The service tag is: #9MT6B2J-595B

    ... Hope someone can help, or come with some ideas...

    Thanx in forward
  18. emmanuelyeboah

    emmanuelyeboah TS Rookie

    open up the laptop by taking out the keyboard . locate the 8 pin eprom chip under the wifi card . make a short circuit across pin 3 and pin 6 press power briefly remove short circuit and enjoy your laptop w/o password and service tag
  19. ch005509

    ch005509 TS Rookie

    I have a Dell D820 with the same black and white screen. If anyone know how to get past this please let me know.

    email removed
  20. mm10

    mm10 TS Rookie

    i recently bought a latitude D600 from a thrift store but when i turned it on it is asking me for a bois password
    the service tag# 9N19541
    express service code:20983869217
    i need a master password to get in can you please help !!!!!!!
  21. Hadi27

    Hadi27 TS Rookie

    I have been struggling with my D620 I bought from a friend to remove bios password, but unfortunately it didn't work. can anyone help please.

    Service tag# 3jc7b2j
    Express service code:76-997-032-75

    My email is email removed

    You're help will be highly appreciated.

  22. seanphet

    seanphet TS Rookie

    hello everyone!!

    i know, i know this is repeatitive but i need the master bio password for my dell latitude d620. service tag # 7kn3nb1. please if you can help i will forever be in your dept.

    hey howard_hopkinso,

    please i need your help with my dell latitude d620 bio password. i cannot get pass this screen. please supply me with the master password or a way to bypass this rediculas grey screen.

  23. ditzeygirl36

    ditzeygirl36 TS Rookie

    please help im so lost

    okay boy do i need some help from someone who knows what there do so they can figure out what im doing wrong okay my nightmare is a dell inspirion 8100 with a bios password, i just bought this used of course and it worked in the store now i cant even get windows to boot up, ya i know got the stupid thing on closeout due to store closing well no contacts there i have called dell repeatedly to get help with no luck please please help its model number pp01x service tag hcjst01 express service tag 37764150481 please any info will help thank god for people like you much respect
  24. Chirp Out

    Chirp Out TS Rookie

    Please change this into a working Bios password for me please:
    Dell Laitude D620

    Service Tag = 595b
    Express Service Code =

    Thanks in advance.
  25. dossman

    dossman TS Rookie

    Can I use that to clear a bios password on a HP Omnibook XE3 GC model. I bought it on ebay and the seller is playing stupid but also sold 2 other laptops to other people on Ebay. The laptop works but I need to put in a larger hard drive and change the cpu and now I can't evan get into the bios. Another Ebay scan deal if you know what I mean. Buyer Beware I guess
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