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Bios Password Problem...

By DirtySecret · 83 replies
Mar 5, 2002
  1. dossman

    dossman TS Rookie

    Why do manufacturer's put bios chips in laptops anyway, if they get stolen they just get destroyed anyway if they can't use the computer. And if it's such a good idea then why aren't ALL laptops made with bios chips. Always a monopoly somewhere.

    I can't get to the bios because it is password protected. So therefore I can't set the system to boot from a floppy.
  2. dr_mamy2006

    dr_mamy2006 TS Rookie

    HI SIR,

    Pls help me me with my Dell Latitude d620. Me and my brother brought this at Ebay. We decide to buy here because its cheap. But when it delivered there is a password. We thought is ok for some of reason we need remove the batterry. Anyway it doesnt work. can you please help us. SERVICE TAG#1yctg2j-595B ,. Thanks for help. Im only a working student
    email removed

    please i need your help with my dell latitude d620 bio password. i cannot get pass this screen. please supply me with the master password or a way to bypass this rediculas grey screen.
    email removed
  3. dossman

    dossman TS Rookie

    You need to ask remzibi1 as he helped me with my bios password, he charges a small fee but it's worth it unless you like taking your laptop apart and reflashing the rom chip with a special program (waste of time). Good luck
  4. Saoirse

    Saoirse TS Rookie

    Request for help D620 - Rustam_

    Dear Rustam_
    I've been given a Dell D620 laptop by my Dad (ex-firm) and although it functions OK it has limitations set in the BIOS which I can access but not alter. These options are protected by an Admin or setup password put in place , I think, by a long gone I.T. guy.

    Can you help removing the restrictions ?
    Can anyone ?

    The service tag says 25F6F2J and the System number says 25F6F2J-595B

    Thanks for any help

  5. saeedhex

    saeedhex TS Rookie

    will be happy if some one help me to remove bios password from my dell d620,
    will pay for it ,
    Thank you
  6. Hadi27

    Hadi27 TS Rookie

    any chance to help me unlock my Dell d620.
    service tag: 3JC7D2J-595B

    I'll be very grateful.
  7. saeedhex

    saeedhex TS Rookie

  8. ~DEVIL_DOG~

    ~DEVIL_DOG~ TS Rookie

    Dell Latitude D610

    Hello Everyone, I'm new at this blogging thing. I have recently bought a Dell from a guy at school. He said that he tried everything to get past it.n He bought it from an on line store on eBay. the name was www.chinobox.com So here go's my ego over riding my good judgment. I bought it from him thinking that i could take care of this in no time, so i'm stumped.! This laptop came with several power supplies, so I'm thinking it came from out of the corporate world. I plan on giving the machine to my sister's son for school.
  9. ~DEVIL_DOG~

    ~DEVIL_DOG~ TS Rookie

    Any help would be greatly Appeciated.. ! it starts with a DELL White login in screen with the service tag number shown. and thanks again for the help..! SERVICE TAG #3TXZK91-595B
  10. dosboot

    dosboot TS Rookie

    There is a chip on the motherboard, i am almost positive it is 20452 or 53. It is an 8 legged critter with a carbon base. You need to jump the 3 & 6 pins together with a paperclip or something similar while powering it on.
    I recently had to do it with a c400 which was a bit of a problem until i realized i had to pull the powerboard cable off of the top cover to make it easier!
    Hope it helps
  11. lawrence ammu

    lawrence ammu TS Rookie

    1150 Bios Passwod. I need help with this problem.I have tryed everything that I know.

    What most I do to get pass this problem?There has to be away to get around this.
  12. zoonwen

    zoonwen TS Rookie

    I just got a HP tc440 and it has a bios password. Any suggestions ??
  13. bbqqk

    bbqqk TS Rookie


    Can anyone help with a master passcode for a D420 Dell
    I Cant open it

    The information that I have is:

    Service Tag xxxxxBX-595B

  14. LMN8TOR

    LMN8TOR TS Rookie

    I have a Dell Lat 110l thats PW protected as usual

    I cud get by the system pw

    but i need help with my HDD password, PLEASE N n e 1!!?!
  15. lameduck60

    lameduck60 TS Rookie

    Dell Latitude C840 Bios password removal

    Hello to all
    I have a Dell Latitude C840 Laptop and have a bios password problem, "need password".
    This is what comes up on the screen :: This Computer System #3VSYM0S-595B is protected by a password authentication system. you cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password.

    Please Type in the primary or administrator password and press <enter>

    So could someone please help me with this problem
    I hope that I have ex[lained in enough detail Thanks in advance.


    Thanks to all but I still can't get past the bios password
  16. LMN8TOR

    LMN8TOR TS Rookie

    try using 5QPTG1J... it worked for my system pw, but now it's asking for a HDD pw???? Can any1 please help me????
  17. lameduck60

    lameduck60 TS Rookie

    Thanks but it did not work
  18. LMN8TOR

    LMN8TOR TS Rookie

    what about 3VSYM0S....
  19. walid

    walid TS Rookie

    got a Dell xps m1710 and been looking for that security chip which holding the bios password but couldn't find that, i know there is a chip which they shor the bins in it so it flashs the password away, any idea please?
    also here is my service tag: #86V9P1S-595B display on the screen when turn on.
  20. ismailardal

    ismailardal TS Rookie

    hello dell cmos key help me
    model e1505
    mesaage *FNFGH2J-595B


    İsmail ARDAL
  21. Obi

    Obi TS Enthusiast

  22. dbpk

    dbpk Banned

    i work at DELL , and i see here a lot of peaple claiming paswords for unlocked PCs ,so if u need help please just PM me and i will.....
    good luckt
  23. lameduck60

    lameduck60 TS Rookie

    thanks to all the people who helped me with this problem, I had to replace the bios chip and bingo. although I have dell two D600 laptops with the same problem and would be interested to hear if it would be possible to remove the bios password without having to replace them please get your thinking caps on Thanks. lameduck60
  24. Obi

    Obi TS Enthusiast

    you don´t have to replace the chip. Just follow the link in my post above.
    Shorting procedure works for your 595B Service Tag D600 too.
  25. Slayor

    Slayor TS Rookie

    I got a Dell Latitude D820 , I tryed to download the software from the link above but the damn rar file has a password. Maybe someone can help me.

    Service Tag : D1LYYC1-595B
    Express Service Code : 28395539281

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