Bios wont boot

By freddy692000
Apr 23, 2009
  1. Well at first hello to everybody.M english are a bit rusty anyway.
    So i bought some new stuff
    motherboard Asus P5Q3
    RAM OCZ ddr3 2x1G (7-7-7-24) 1600mhz

    i also got a core duo 1.86Ghz and a 600watt power supply

    As i installed the new stuff everything worked fine but after some day i pressed the power button and the bios wont start the screen shows like when the PC is off so no signal on screen,the hard disk led is constantly on and the dvd drives (the drives after a while stop turn).the fans all work(cpu,chassis,graphic card,power sypplier).After some tries the bios booted and the PC worked properly.But today i just cant get it to start.I disconnected the dvd drives then the hard disks then the internal USBs but nothing.So anything you suggest please start from the (not buying new stuff).
    Also if it matter at all i got a new multy socket power syplier that has overvoltage protection on it and its 1400joules.

    Update played a bit with the 2 memory sticks.
    One ram stick is not working i found which one i got only the one now i ll see if i get return it to the store
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