BIOS won't recognise 250gb Hard Drive

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Apr 2, 2007
  1. Hi there, I've got a 250gb maxtor HD and it can't be detected in bios or something is wrong. WHENEVER its connected (either on its own or with another drive), it says "error loading OS".
    (PC boots fine with my other Maxtor 120gb HD)

    On some sites it says to set Bios HD Access to LARGE instead of auto/lba etc

    BUT - my bios doesnt show me such a setting when i go into HD config screen. I know what screen it should be on, but believe me, there is no "large" option for HD access.

    Motherboard = MSI MS-6567

    Can someone pls help me?? Thanks so much

  2. Nodsu

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    Well, error loading OS only shows that it can't load an OS. Do you have an OS on that drive?
    At bootup, your BIOS should list the drives it detects. Do you see the Maxtor in the list (next to the optical drive)?

    That's a rather old motherboard. It could be that it simply does not support hard drives larger than ~130GB. And I can't see a BIOS update that would fix it either.. You can try updating to the latest BIOS and hope that it fixes the problem of course.
  3. domyue

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    I've heard stories that IDE drives and PCI slots have trouble being recognised after a bios upgrade.

    Does updating my BIOS have any risks at all???

    (BTW, can you reliably have a SATA HD as a boot-drive AND have a master and slave on primary IDE - so 3 drives like that??)
  4. whtddusy516

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    It sounds like its looking for the OS on your new HD
    try changing the boot order
  5. captaincranky

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    Community Property 50/50 split

    The drive should still be recognized, but only as a 137GB. What do the "Max Blast" software instructions have to say about all this? I actually own a Maxtor SATA 100GB, it came with the "Max Blast" software. The were some instructions for using it as a new boot drive. I skimmed them, due to the fact it would simply be added as a volume. This is part speculation, and part fact. A SATA HDD on certain boards and certain BIOS can be installed as IDE and run with the native windows drivers. If your system can't be configured that way easily, then you need to install SATA drivers, which are kind of a long story. This isn't any help to you now, and I apologize for bringing it up, but please change things one at a time, not in groups. You can get more information at Maxtor's web about the software & what else you need to do. Seagate bought Maxtor, here's the link
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