BitTorrent upload isn't doing it's job!

By Elendil
Jul 28, 2005
  1. Hi there everyone! I've recently been absolutely stymied by bit torrent. It's amazingly frustrating, and the reason i joined this site. I think alot of people here could help.

    You see ,I used to upload torrents (provided there was no other traffic) at my maximum speed (45-50 kB/s). The past couple of months, I've been uploading at only 3! This happens when there is 1 seeder, me, and 1 leecher. If I get, say, 6 leechers, I hand out the file at 8 kB/s, max 10.

    My setup is 3 computers and an xbox hooked up through a dlink di704p router. I know all about letting the ports through my router, and when that hasn't helped, I've even let all my ports open (a DMZ was suggested, and the option was in the router). This doesn't improve the situation. I have tested my upload and download at various sites, and they all report my upload capacity to be around 40-50 kB. Also, I do not have a firewall.

    So, I guess my question is, is my ISP throttling the ports, or are they just limiting bit torrent clients? I have switched ports numerous times (currently at around port #50000) and it hasn't helped. This is really killing me. Are there any pros out there who can help? Should I call my ISP or something?
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