Black Ops gets fourth, all zombie map pack 'Rezurrection'

By Shawn Knight ยท 120 replies
Aug 4, 2011
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  1. So your concerned how zombies got onthe moon, so your happy that the unead exist but getting them on the moon is unrealistic!
  2. Burty117

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    No if you read my post (assuming you were replying to me) you'll find that I find all the COD games since MW utter rubbish for people who either can't grasp "complex" gameplay mechanics or simply don't want to.
  3. Arris

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    I'd rather wait and play Dead Isle and keep my military shooters (vaguely) in the realms of reality.
  4. And The Best Thing About it for xbox if u already have the first 3 map packs you get the last one for free
  5. Cod was made for epic multiplayer not campaign. Its not supernatural that millions of people buy the game, its best multiplayer game ever made. But in the world of video games the quote "don't hate the player, hate the game" holds no meaning. As no matter how good you make a game, kids will still do everything they can to be cheap and ruin the game. Chew on that for a bit, trolls.
  6. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,147   +915

    You have to be joking right? At least, I really hope so.
  7. you guys do realize that the maps are going to be refurbished meaning redone with the black ops guns on waw maps for zombies its not the same
  8. True, but these maps were already refurbished for those who got the Black Ops Hardened/Prestige Edition, making it an extremely cheap, easy, and top-selling pack or those who didn't buy the Hardened/Prestige. IMO, Treyarch is putting no effort in their map packs. $15 per map pack is bullshit.
  9. no, what they do is put the blackops guns in the waw maps, that what they do.
  10. wait thet say it will be free of charge to Hardened and Prestige edition owners but how would we get the code????? hmm i hope thats true and plus it would be nice to get it for free lol
  11. I hate how all of a sudden everybody plays CoD. I think people that have been loyal CoD fans since the beginning should get the map packs for free. I mean, having 10 years olds AND 30 years old screaming at me everytime I play a match? It is getting old...
  12. So those of us who bought WAW and then the DLC for the WAW Zombie maps will be paying for the same 4 maps again as part of Rezurrection just so that we can get the 1 new moon map?!? That seems like a ripoff to those of us who have been loyal to the COD franchise to have to pay for the same 4 maps again? You would think that if they are giving it free to those with Hardened or Prestige versions of BO that they would also throw a bone to those of use who bought WAW w/ DLCs? $15 for the 1 new Moon map just doesn't seem fair, i think I'll sit this one out.
  13. Can you get the zombies map pack for free
  14. ramonsterns

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    I wish people would learn that Activision doesn't see customers as people, but as numbers. That's all you and everyone who buys Activisions games is, a number, a stinkin' statistic, a prediction of future profit to them.

    Activision isn't in the business of making money, it's in the business of brain washing and sucking you dry without you ever realizing it. And the sad thing is, people will still defend them knowing this.
  15. You can only get the new zombie maps free if you bought the Hardened or Prestige editions of Black Ops, if you previously purchased the 4 original maps through WAW then you are being screwed by Activision because they are charging you $15 to get the one new Moon map plus the same 4 WAW zombie maps again.
  16. Got waw maps 4 it so i get moon 4 so cool cant wait i love danielle wheel!!
  17. don't forget moon. FEARM no so interesting. :p lol
  18. because it was belived that there was a ray what was shot it into space to rebound of a satalite to kill all the zombies but insted it teleported them to the moon and thats how it happend plus theres 2 new guns and 1 new perk what ive heard follow this link to most epic zombie player and he talk about the new map pack
  19. On computer u can make maps and get as many as u would like y do us consoled players have to pay 4 maps they should just put out a map eitior and a uploader so we can make are own maps
  20. the earth most have blown up so they all went to the moon for a holiday
  21. They're more then likely just like the Modern Warfare remakes. Exactly the same but with better graphics and less glitches.
  22. its zombies, last time i checked zombies were not all that realistic so stop trollin *****
  23. someone should make a call of duty game, with JUST zombies as the story mode and mini-games
  24. honestly, i enjoy blackops. its fun. but having to pay so much for maps is just crazy. a game should be a full game, not slowly release the rest of the maps you have made for it.

    i understand companys need to make money. but its just sick how they ravage people for it these days. you can't buy a game in one purchase anymore is what it seems to boil down to. i'm not hating on the game, just the people who are to greedy for their own good. lord help them if i ever by chance meet someone who is getting the money from this. i'll have a few words for them.

    on another note, interesting what someone said before me, a bit before, the first letters of each spelling FEAR. thats very odd, wonder if it really was on purpose. if so...kudos to them its actually creative.
  25. Please stop complaining about how i hope 3arc wouldn't make us pay 15 dollars for a map pack cause at the end of the day your going to buy them so STFU!!! Second i played 1 hour of it and i never played another COD title again its not a bad series i don't see what do y'all want in a game perfect graphics perfect voices these games aren't jesus there not going to be perfect like WTF!!! Making those drastic changes to a game doesn't always make it better also in some ways it makes it worse.a whole lot of games out here that everyone think is perfect the people that say this play Starcraft 2 and Halo Wars all day. Come on shut up either buy the game or don't damn!!!! Zombies FTW!!!!!!!

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