Black Ops gets fourth, all zombie map pack 'Rezurrection'

By Shawn Knight ยท 120 replies
Aug 4, 2011
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  1. If u look at the rezurection poster on the aslym slot u can see a guy wielding an mp5 but i dont know if that means there will be modern weapons on the waw zombie maps.Also on the moon zombie map your guns might already be upgraded because most of the upgraded guns shoot laser bullets and regular guns shot in space would not work because the bullet would be going 2 miles per hour.
  2. Just because something sells well doesnt mean it is good. Look at the Jersey Shore. Its popular but I have honestly never watched an episode, or anything else on MTV. Hot dogs and Spam sell really well too, but their made from scraps, they aren't food, they are made from what food craps out. So Twilight must also be good too right?
  3. Reading all of these post's it is very obvious that the people that are posting negative responses don't actually understand the point behind the entire COD family of games. You should do your homework the entire line of COD games was designed to be online multiplayer games. The zombies was just an added bonus that ended up getting the attention of so many of us. For me the Zombie mode rocks and the online is just as awesome. The story mode is horible and I have only played one of them all of the way through and only one time I don't care for them but again the games were designed to be online multiplayer primarily so before you go saying something stupid do your homework and say something educated!
  4. Ok my spelling of the characters may be a little off but these will be the guys for the Moon
    Ze Docta-German
    Takyo-Chinese(I think)
  5. takyo is japanese
  6. cool thts a gud way to put it
  7. Are people really questioning the reality of zombies on the moon? It's a freaking zombie video game! Make it as crazy and unrealistic as possible. Jumping around in zero gravity, and shooting zombie's with a gun that magically gravitated out of a box sound's awesome. Count me in.
  8. If Der Reise doesnt have the PPSH, the Wonderwaffe, and the MG42 i'm going to poop my pants.
  9. This is big lazy! Cod lacks inmany areas but it's a good time killer! Non of the past cod's have held a candle to any of the 1st 3 halos!!!!!!!!!! But as cod has gotten worse with the passing of time so did halo, I believe it's just natural! As far as this being charged junk, it's ur choice to pay end of discussion! Long live master chief! Lol jk
  10. Halo Reach is an amazing game, and is by far the best multiplayer shooter on the market. You probobly just get pawned by armor lock so you dont like it.
  11. Big lazy again, forgot to talk about ZOMBIES!!!!! Great mindless fun, one way I've heard it discribed as. But if played correctly it's much like a game of chess, with dead people!!!! Lol to all that say cod is missing compelling campaign play, ur dumb it's not ment to be!!! Games now a days are about online play it's cheaper and it generates way more money! So I ask y would u waste time and effort creating an amazing campaign? To those who cry y should I pay for 4 old maps, u pay because old stuff always becomes popular again! That's generic history! U will also pay for cause ur buddy across the glob got it and he wants to play with him!!!! U will pay cause u are a slave to cod!!!

    Here is my take stop bitching about the simple stuff, the stuff u have a choice over ***** about the hacks, moders and cheaters! ***** about the unequal connections aswell as junk hosting!!!!! Tell em we want independent servers to ensure fair gameplay for all!!!!

    Big lazy for prez
  12. Reach was a reach! Armor lock lol I laugh!
  13. what does that even mean? Reach got a 9.5 on which is a very credible gaming site. In fact it got great reviews on every site. "The definition of a complete game". Unlike Black Ops, which has had 13 total updates, and the lag is still awful, the aim assist is still broken, and the hit detection is the worst ive ever seen. Iv'e logged 174 hours on multi player by the way, I still play the game even though I hate it. I CANT STOOOOP!
  14. oh by the way you said laugh out loud, I laugh. You punned yourself twice in the same sentence! TIIIING!
  15. i wonder how long it will take for someone to find out the easter eggs on the moon(probably longest easter egg ever).
  16. I AGREE i'm sorry for you.
  17. One of the achievments on the moon is called the big bang theory.(Its 100G and shows a picture of the earth or moon being blown up!Probably an easter egg).
  18. This was the biggest POS game ever made......Waiting for BF3!!!
  19. i think 5 multiplayer maps would be better
  20. I have the hardened edition of this game so i get this free as soon as it is released! Woop Woop!
  21. yeah duhh cod is made for online
  22. Its worth it since its zombies, 5 maps i never played WaW so i never got a chance to play the old zombie maps, moon looks amazing , treyarch should create zombie game
  23. I think Cod zombies rating is 10/10,caimpaign 8/10,and multiplayer 3/10(one of the reasons why I dislike multiplayer is because you can not drive vehicles where as with BF3 you can.
  24. ya cant go on waw anymore coz of all the modding cheating *****.so stop being tramps and buy the map pack
  25. If you don't like Zombies YOU DON'T LIKE AMERICA AND YOU CAN GIIITT OUT

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