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Black Ops gets fourth, all zombie map pack 'Rezurrection'

By Shawn Knight ยท 120 replies
Aug 4, 2011
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  1. Omg all you guys against this are actually the sad ones, if people want to buy something because they enjoy doing that then why criticize them? everybody likes to do different stuff and some people just really enjoy playing cod. theres nothing bad about it, some people dont play cod but spend hours and hours on facebook doing nothing, at least playing zombies kills time while it being fun. Js.
  2. Too funny, "Black Ops Repetition DLC Map Pack" coming to you soon . . . . selling you the same maps all over again.
  3. Does anyone know a good strategy for the moon?
  4. Why are you upset with how other people spend their money? You guys are acting like girls getting worked up about what other people do. OMG I'M SO FREAKING MAD U R SPENDING UR MONEY ON SOMETHING U LIKE!!111 trolololol.

    It doesn't bother me that you're mad bro, I just think it's pretty stupid.
  5. ^^^^^ funny guy, he works for either Activision or Treyarch, pretty sad you have to shill for those companies even though gamers are being asked to basicall rebuy what they already own. So then Activision or Treyarch sends guys like you to try to 'shush' all those that merely speak the truth, you are so sad.
  6. Does anyone know what the excavators do on the moon?
  7. You get an astronaut helmet when you leave Earth.
  8. That's not true, objects shot out of a gun or thrown by a person travel at the same speed on the moon as they would on Earth.
  9. wow is all i can say, u guys are sad so what u pay 15 dollars get over it. y don't u make the game, or maps its not easy stuff; if u don't like COD then y post ur comments. everyone has a right to comment, but at least have some respect.
  10. theses map packs are a waste of useful money any way theses map packs are the same as dog sh*t!
  11. they do have the option to mute players...oh yeah ha....
  12. i like how some ppl are copying others comments and then talk crap about them. just shut the heck up and let him have his freedom of speech on the game. its america free dang country if you can afford the free
  13. lmao! Zecias
    is way to funny! he goes ham on things he says!
  14. I have a question about Black Ops Prestige edition. I bought it for my son and he never plays it. He kept the car and the medal but I am selling the disc on EBAY. I keep getting questions about the extra zombie maps. I have never added any codes and I don't remember seeing the card with codes on it. Does the hardened edition or prestige edition already have the extra maps installed on the disc? Or is it something I would have had to install on my system separately? I have a PS3. Any help would be great, I don't know much about the game except that it plays when you load it. LOL!
  15. got the map pack but not the 4 original maps! WTF!
  16. do i get the map?? do i have to have internet???
  17. 'Call of Duty used to be a very historically accurate WWII shooter. Back then it was ground breaking, Graphics, action, everything about it made it the best WWII Shooter ever made'
    dude did you ever play BF1942??? BF1942 didnt have a campaign really but apart from that it was probably the best FPS for a long time, it also had a good mods community so there is 1000s of maps and mods incuding the famous DC combat which made it both WWII and Modern
  18. just buy rezzurection then you can say its bad
  19. 1 question:
    Do you know if they will make an another update?
    caus' a friend is telling me that thay cannot make an update now that MW3 is out...
  20. chad devine

    chad devine TS Rookie

    hahaha not me I downloaded it of my friend :p
  21. Although I think first person shooters have been pretty much beating a dead horse ever since back around the time when they first started utilizing truly 3D engines, I must admit I will still play various incarnations of zombies, usually on BO. I like the social co-op nature of this part of the game.

    To be honest, 90% of first person shooter games are all VERY similar. The entire genre is quite stale to be honest. The only thing that tends to vary at all is setting and polish. You can only head shoot a few thousand enemies before it becomes a boring routine. There are a few notable exceptions to this rule with titles such as the original Bio Shock or Gear of War where the feel, story, mechanics and setting of the game was fresh enough to breath new life into what is a dead genre for me, but generally when I pick up a shooter to try it out, if it doesn't grab me in the first 45 minutes then its not going to.

    So to make a long story short, yeah its bogus the way a simple map is marketed as a $15 dollar upgrade to a $50 game but I think if you don't already have the old zombie maps and you like zombies that the Moon pack is a much better deal than most of the map packs in this series as far as how much content you get.

    Still its a far cry from the sort of major content updates you see some smaller companies releasing for a fraction of the price. Look at Double Fine and Iron Brigade for example. The original game is 15 bucks, and the DL content includes an entire new campaign theater, dozens of radically new weapons and accessories and several new zombie style survival maps.(They even had an earlier completely FREE DLC that added a zombie style survival mode and new weapons prior to the major 5 dollar one.)

    These big name companies need to learn something from the little mavericks companies who still show love for the fans by releasing either free or very friendly priced DLC packed with value and fun.

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