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Black screen and no POST in affect

By Lisban Noa
Oct 22, 2017
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  1. I have a 15-p030nr beats special edition series laptop and my screen remains black upon startup. I don't hear any of the usual noises when I power it on so I'm assuming the POST isn't taking place. After a long time of being on the screen comes on but all I see is static. I disconnected all of the cables and reconnected them. I checked out the screen and it seemed fine. I also connected the laptop to an external monitor and nothing appeared on the screen. I'm not much of a tech I need a little help here please. Thank you.
  2. holdum323

    holdum323 TS Enthusiast Posts: 430   +41

    Hi. You say you disconnected all the cables? You might think about restoring back to factory. Do you have any installation media?
    Here's video.

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