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By Sunofstars
Mar 24, 2009
  1. I'm on a tight schedule here, so no time to check the thousands of threads...

    I'm running Windows XP Pro, with these system specs:

    2 Gigs RAM
    3.0 Ghz Dual Core Processor
    750W Power Supply
    Dual Ge-Force 8800 GTS graphic cards
    5.1 Creative Sound Card
    250 Gig HD
    CD/DVD Combo drive
    DVD Burner

    Now my problem is as follows:

    I was playing Call of Duty 4 the other day, and lately my big time games have been crashing my computer, or just freezing them up for a bit, sometimes I've been able to close the game, other times I've had to hit my reset button on my tower.

    So the other day I had to hit the reset button, and it all went wrong on start up... I went thru the initial checking for drivers screen, and then before I got to the Windows logo screen (Loading screen), my screen just stopped, I have a little cursor up in my left hand corner... but nothing else.

    I've tried to put my disc in either of my Rom drives, and I never get the option to hit any key... I've also went into BIOS and reset the options. I've hit F8, only to get a boot list, which drive i want to boot with. I have no options to start in safe mode, and I have turned off the "Stop Boot on Errors" option in BIOS. I've let it sit for 1 hr, and it has never moved past that screen. Heck, I even took the computer apart, sprayed it out, and readjusted my wires and fans for better airflow.

    Everything I've tried has done absolutely nothing, and I'm still stuck on the same screen. I don't wanna go fork out money for new parts until I'm certain what/if I need.

    I thank you guys for your help
  2. Aerendyl

    Aerendyl TS Rookie Posts: 22

    Try this. Remove one stick of RAM and then turn on the PC. If doesn't work turn it off, get this one out from pc and put the other RAM stick into and try it to turn on the PC. Say if anything happens.
  3. Sunofstars

    Sunofstars TS Rookie Topic Starter

    This did not fix my problem, I even borrowed a stick of RAM from friend, and I got no results. Thx for your time, and I hope we can find another solution.
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