Black & White 2 Loading Error...Help?

By TDawg
Jan 31, 2006
  1. I was playing black and white 2 for about a day and a half, on version 1.0 then when I went to load my game up the next time I got to main select screen, clicked on load and then I got a windows error saying whatever it says (where u can report the problem to windows) well I tried to load it up a couple more times after restarts and so on but no luck. So I installed 1.1, played about the same amount of time, except after every time i quit the game. I got an error that said something about the memory could not be read I believe. But it still played the game ok (although it seemed a bit laggy unusually, maybe that had something to do with the memory error) but then I loaded up my game 1 time, it got to the actual gameplay, I heard music for a second then BAM it exits out, and goes back to windows, tried it multiple times, and reinstalls but no go. Then I asked for my cousin's 1.0 game save. He gave it to me, he played it on low settings 640x480 and it worked so, I loaded up my original 1.0 save and ran it on low settings, it worked. Figured I give it a go on 1.1, turned it on low settings and loaded up my game save that I backed up, and BAM back to windows...I've never had a problem with a game like this before. btw I ran this game on my athlon 64 2800+ 1.5 gigs of ram, and 6600 gt on 1600x1050 resolution, everything on max and it worked pretty good when the game did run...anything I can do to be able to play my 1.1 again?
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