BlackBerry 10 OS revealed in 14-page marketing document

Shawn Knight

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Images of RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system have surfaced months ahead of launch. The photos were pulled from a 14-page PDF file that looks to be from one of…

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hey, isn't that background the same as one that came with Vista? that grass close-up?
and I look at it and I don't see a blackberry... where is the keyboard !?

about the looks, the icon grid alignment is as old as even windows 3 (or before). in mobiles, nokias displayed applications and menus in grids rather than in lists, so nothing absolutely apple-like there. maybe the panel swipe, if that.


that's right, same with Storm. I see BlackBerry as a directed product to business customers who use keyboards more extensively. BlackBerry needs to stand out as an option, cause right now iPhone is the flagship for both spoiled teens and high end customers. all with a single product.
BlackBerry CANNOT be a teen product. It's about image.


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I agree with your post but for me its not about image. I just need to get work done and the time it takes me to write out a paragraph on a blackberry is equal to one sentence on a on screen keyboard aka iphone. No thanks I don't need a phone to play games or to look cool or that other Isheep garbage. one my friends is like but so many good games and i'm like listen "You drain your battery playings games and I use my phone to actually make calls."

Some of us do real work.


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With their proprietary encryption and networks, Blackberry could have something special if they'd move everything to Switzerland and guarantee to never release your data or allow backdoors for the New World Order. They could charge outrageous fees to do this for those Murdochs of the world.