Blank screen, monitor is not responing

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Hi Every one at Tech spot, I came here seeking knowledge & Help..(hopefully)..
I always tried customizing my pc by winging it myself half of the time. Until this time I have I Blank Screen?

This is how it happened, two days ago, I was editing a dvd menu in the sonic program, when I was done with the file, I sent the file to process for the dvd. Suddenly my pc goes out, no power, noi nothing, with a screen blank and everything? wow.. So I go a little crazy, It must be the power supply I thought, right? Well I find an ac or dc cord and change it, then the power is back on. Yeah.. But my screen is still blank?why?

I go to the store and by a new graphics card, install it, and still a blank screen, I took out all my ram and left one in.. Still nothing, checked for smells and damage nothing!!
I'm so confused..:blackeye:


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Well, it can be plenty of things, with the motherboard or monitor being a suspect as well. Do you have another system you can check your parts in (And use its parts to see whether your system works) ?


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I think it sounds like your actual power supply is bad NOT your cord! your (actual power supply) allocates the power to all seperate parts of your motherboard IE monitor/VGA or PCI/AGP/PCI-E slots
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