Blank/ Strange line screen issue while on youtube..

By lentyski
Feb 5, 2011
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  1. Well...first off let me list my specs:

    4 GB RAM
    HD 5770
    Phenom iix4b55 2 cores unlocked 3.5
    Motherboard is a Asus *As is my card and everything else* I bought the parts, my sisters ex built it for me.

    Here is my issue, I was having this issue a few weeks ago....

    What happens is that when I go to a youtube video, if it does not happen right in the beginging, it happens say after I closed it, or switch to another video.

    My monitor goes black, or well blank, or strange weird lines....

    I do not know what it could be...

    I test the graphic card on Battlefield Bad Company 2 *Demanding game* so I know its not that.
    Adobe is updated.
    The monitor is not the issue, nor is the cord, it only happens with youtube.
    My drivers are in fact updated.
    Starting to think its not a maleware/virus issue, when it only happens with videos, well youtube videos.

    I am not sure what to do at this point, my temps are fine...maybe roll back the drivers? I have the Adobe Flash Player 10.1.

    The thing is I must hold the power button in order to restart the PC =/.

    So if you could give me some advice/suggestions or know the answer please let me know!

    Thank you.

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