Blink announces affordable wireless video doorbell

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Smart home gadgets are expected to be one of the top trending categories at the Consumer Electronics Show next month. One company hoping to make a big splash in the market is Blink.

The home security provider on Tuesday announced the Blink Video Doorbell, a video doorbell that provides users with HD video alerts, motion detection, infrared night vision, live streaming with two-way audio and more.

Blink has a couple of things working in its favor with its new video doorbell. For starters, the unit can be installed without any wiring, thus eliminating potentially expensive installation fees and compatibility issues. Hardwiring does have its benefits, however, as it’ll extend battery life and allow you to use your home’s existing doorbell chime.

Speaking of battery life, Blink’s Video Doorbell features an impressive two-year battery life courtesy of two AA lithium batteries. Simply insert the batteries, connect the doorbell to your Wi-Fi network and place it wherever you need.

Blink’s Video Doorbell carries an IP-65 rating which should be sufficient for virtually every application.

Best of all, Blink’s doorbell starts at just $99 which is significantly cheaper than the competition. Ring, for example, launched its second-generation video doorbell earlier this year priced around $199. Amazon Key is also priced at $199 while the Nest Hello Doorbell is set to arrive in February for $229.

More details will be shared at CES in January.

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Two things:

1.) the video is not of the new doorbell. It's one of their existing outdoor cameras.

2.) it's $99 for existing Blink customers. I've yet t find how much it is for new customers. I checked out the web page and it's not listed.


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No one comes to our door except the UPS, Fedex or Mail lady cause we so far out in the sticks but I would still like a video doorbell. It be very cool. I could say what the F U want...I wouldn't